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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

First Group Build....."1945"


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The theme of our initial GB will be "1945".  This will give us a great range of aircraft and some really interesting subjects to model.  Basically anything that flew (or sat on the ground as was the case with a lot of aircraft) in 1945 will be eligible.


Spoke with Jim and we've got an unbelievable grand prize lined up for this one.  Stay tuned for details in the near future!

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Sounds like a plan...


Just don't know if I should do the Revell F-8 for this one, or save it for the possibility of it maybe having it's own G/B down the track?





... you have a comparo' review to finish first though ... don't you?  :book:


;) ;)


Rog :)

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Ok......what about a Bronco 1:35 Doodlebug of some sort? Would that be allowable for the GB?


Trivia question (I don't know the answer!), who was responsible for the V1 program- Luftwaffe or the ground forces?




Dan M

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