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After looking many times on a Life magazine picture and after the fun building my Herbert Maxis dio, I decided to make another long time dio. 




If I'm able to do it, it will look interesting, like a sculpture with the shape of the blown up Bf 109, we will see. There are many points where right now not sure what we be around the plane, but I start with this:




There will be only the photographer and one british soldier



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After the christmas things are over and I found a little time, I started painting the figures. Because I'm an absolutely figure painting rookie, I looked on Youtube for some tutorials and hey: there are some really great ones! 


The one on the left is from Hornet, the other is from Bronco and hey: the Hornet is absolutely phantastic in detail.





The head from the Hornet figure:







Also I begin cutting the 109 body. Lol






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Nearly in the middle of the DB 605 engine build and I must say: I really love this Eduard stuff more and more. In this dio the engine will be seen so well, so I'm happy to have such a great after market engine. This is right after the priming, the DB is still missing the complete wiring. Oh and the gun barrels are from Aber.





I also found an Bantam 40 BRC kit from MiniArt, that will serve as transporter for my reporter crew. Compare the size from the DB with the Bantam!! Lol





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Thanks for your friendly words gentlemen. I'm a slow builder and I love to play around with my pigments and all that stuff, but because I'm very untrained I made many mistakes and have to start again.



First I try to find out what this white marks on the top of the engine are. So I think that are not scratches, this is cooling liquid that flow out from the top connector.





Amazing how many tubes and wires are on this Eduard engine, still not all installed, but I love to weather and have a look how it could come out. Maybe to strong.









Thanks Arno

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