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'The Souvenir Hunters' Bf109G-2 Trop + Humber 8cwt (Diorama)

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Hi, so here's my last project of 2016, and I wasn't even sure if I would get it done before the end of the year.



But here it is: Inspired by the many photos of downed Me 109's in the Libyan desert late 1941.



I wanted to depict a scene with a Bf109 being 'pillaged' by british troops in a desert setting.


So this is how it turned out: A Bf 109G-2 Trop with the engine and armament covers removed, bend propellers and some of the hatches and the canopy removed. The oil is leaking from the damaged engine that brought the plane down...


A British wireless vehicle (Humber 8 cwt) with its crew, has stopped to look for souvenirs from the downed German plane.


The driver is taking a break, having a cup of tea, while the two other crew members are looking for interesting parts/objects.


One of them has removed the Revi 16 gunsight from the cockpit and is holding it as if he had found a precious 'gem'.



The groundwork is done with filler, plaster, sand and cat litter. Figures are various Miniart and Master Box, cannibalized, reworked to make them 54mm, to fit the 1/32 plane and vehicle... 

Hope you all like it! Kent

Photo links updated...

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Thank you very much for the encouraging comments! I really appreciate it!


It's my old Revell Bf109G from the seventies and a lot of work went into this 'baby'

I took the build kit apart, sanded everything down and rescribed the panellines.

The HGW rivets set was used to bring some details back to the surface.

Resin parts from Quickboost included the tropical filter, exhaust, machine guns and stabilizers.

The cockpit was replaced by Aires resin G-2.


Many scratch build details were added in various places...


The Humber wireless car is a conversion of Airfix Monty's Humber.



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