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Meng's Me-410 B2/U2/R4 Complete


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Hi everyone,

    Been working on this for the last month and am up to the decal stage.  These pics weren't taken in the best lighting, so the bird looks a little blue.







Thanks for looking!



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Hi Gaz, looking mighty good so far. I like the design of the 410. How do you like the kit, where there any major problems in the build? I have the exact same version in my shelf with some AM for the cockpit, prop and spinners.

8 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

Here is a Bundesarchiv motivator :)

Yeah Martin, nice pics, truly motivating.

Cheers Rob

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     Thank you!

For a new kit, it has a fair share of problems.  Chunky surface detail.  There is plenty of flash roundabout which is weird for a new kit, and the spinners are wayyy too short.  I lengthened mine with card, though they still might not be long enough.   The forward wing fairings don't mate well to the rest of the wing but I let them slide due to laziness.    I think the main landing gear tires are a bit large, but I haven't measured and compared to spare myself the aggro.  I shortened the Oleos 4mm to give the plane a 'loaded' look, and almost found myself out of space.  Other than those mentioned, fit was good.

Cockpit detail is nice, but could use an IP decal or four.  The Add-on gun barrels are just plain plastic rod which I replaced with copper tube.  The main guns and rear guns are OK.

One thing I will warn you about is the linkages inside the radiators.  I broke all four despite trying to be as gentle as possible.  The parts are just that fine, attached at two points, and maybe the plastic is little brittle.  Maybe taping the parts on both sides before trying to cut or saw them from the sprue might help.

Once I whittle down the stash a little I might look for the Pro-modeller version.

Here's a link to my build log:  https://aeroscale.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=272286&page=1#2298771




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Hi Gaz, thanks a ton for your detailed report about the ME-ng 410. I knew about the spinners and props and bought some from Quickboost, which look ok to me. I share your astonishment, about flash and weak engineering in parts of the kit. It seems to be a Meng thing, they tend to overdo sometimes and hinder swift buildability by strange solutions. I liked all their kits I built, but they all had their issues.

The wheels seemed to be a little big to me too, only by browsing through the sprues, but I haven't measured. A little fear arose by  viewing the multi part canopy, but you seemed to have tackled that well as far as I can see. thanks for warning me about the links, they do look very delicate, I think I will use a razor-saw to remove them from the sprue.

Cheers Rob

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Hey Everyone,

    Calling this one done.  I've weathered it heavy to counterbalance my treatment of the kit's surface detail.  Washes, Filters, and pigments to add as much texture as possible.  I did some soft scratching with artist's pencils, but the marks were lost during the process.  I didn't do any chipping as I feel chipping is rarely seen on Luftwaffe machines.














Thank you for looking!  If there are things you think I might have done better, please feel free to help me become a better modeller.



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On 10/29/2018 at 11:48 PM, Martinnfb said:



This shot reminds me of the years we lived in Melbourne when we had real Pine trees inside for Christmas, and they way they looked around the end of the first week of January. 

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5 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Gaz, wow absolutely stunning, never built a 410 .........for a new tool there shouldn’t be any flash at all.......very bizarre.........I hear their AFV’s are top notch why not their aircraft?


    Thank you very ,much!  I've looked at a lot of their tank kits, and I don't understand the flash on my kit, neither.  It wasn't huge flash, just that there were minor bits spread throughout the kit.  Their armor kits are a few years newer, though.  Maybe they tightened up how they do things.



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