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Cy-57... Russia's New Bird !

MARU 5137

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Yes, there was a confusing statement from Minister of Defence who recently stated that Su-35 are good enough, so there is no need for 5th gen. fighter, yet Lipetsk airbase is getting dozen next year. It looks like this is going to be a stepping stone for the next generation of pilotless fighters. Russians might skip a step here, but do not quote me on that. It is strictly my personal speculation.

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1 hour ago, Peterpools said:


Yup :2c:

Technology is great but at what cost?



No kidding, sometimes I think if we went back in with old technology, and I mean old....we might take them by surprise........:o..........what do you suppose the Taliban would so if the saw  a couple squadrons of Beaufighters, Typhoons, and Mosquitoes low and fast spitting hot steel at them?? :X:They would probably stop in their tracks and look in wonderment seconds before they met their 70 odd virgins, not knowing what the Hell just happened...... THAT would be a kick in the nads eh?:rofl:

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1 hour ago, Martinnfb said:

To play the devil's advocate, I believe that the 5th. generation fighter is a swan song for piloted jets, no more heroes and tallies on the tails anymore. Let us get ready for drones and digital creepiness :)

Well, THAT'S no damn fun .........-_-

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