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Kitchen 1.1


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Just a tip, look up and check the pipes before they get the ceiling on.

At my Daughters' house, the original Builder cheaped out on the plumbing and instead of all copper piping installed PVC for the cold water. At some point, either a Rat or Possum got inside the roof cavity and gnawed through the plastic. Daughter #1 came home from work, and thought Daughter #2 had shaken up a Pepsi bottle as she described it, there was a brown patch on the ceiling with little drops formed. 15 minutes later...


Water had filled the cavity above the shower over the day, the brown she saw was the colour leeching out of the beams. $8000 damage!

So yeah, make sure you check ALL those pipes before you seal it up.


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4 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

this is how it looks, in bare form.



Ours is supposed to look like that too. But the crawl space is almost nonexistent as the back of our house where the kitchen is is 13 inches lower than the front. And being in the middle of a group of row houses, we're not fixing it any time soon. 

At least we were able to move our pipes out from under the floor into the kitchen so they don't freeze in winter. 

What you get when you buy a 125 year old house.


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Carl, we managed to save the counter tops so will re use them. Same size as new cabinets.we left for a couple hours and upon returning, found the drywall all taped and mudded ! He wasn't supposed to be back till tomorrow.......harv

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