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PBJ-1 "devil dog " straffer

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Hey guys

 This will be my next project after I finish my A6M2b Zero. I kind of started this a couple of years ago but I ended up having to go in to the hospital for a liver transplant so it got shelved. So I'm going to try and finish it. I have the Brazin wheels/tires, Profimodeller brass gun barrels,    G-factor landing gear and kits-world devil dog decals. I'm thinking about the Eduard or Yahoo's instrument panel. Any suggestions on other stuff will be greatly appreciated.

s-l400.jpgthis is the kit.

b25-4486758-6.jpgthis is the plane I'm going to do.are the decals.


These are the decals. Going to have to get an extra bottle of glossy dark sea blue.:):construction:

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I've got a pair of these under construction at the moment. They're in the HK group build section. You may want to consider the Eduard corrected seats as well. HGW also has them in a set with their fabric seat belts if you want add those as well. Last thing would be nose weights. There's a couple sets out there or you can make your own. I used pennies in one of mine as they're no longer legal tender here in Canada. 



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Awesome choice!  

I’ve been picking away at a PBJ-1H for well over a year now. So it’s nice to see another Marine bird. 

I made the mistake of deciding to use almost every single piece of PE known to man, so I power out often and the project stalls again. 

I’ll be following this and hopefully I’ll get my mojo back too.

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Hey all it's me again 

  Anybody have any pictures of the wing radar that they used on the PBJ-1J's? I've looked all over the net and can't find any information or pictures of this setup. I'm thinking about using the radar dome from a Trumpeter F6F-3/5. Like this.


I'm not sure if this will work or not since I can't seem to find any pictures of how the radar was on the PBJ-1J's.

  Also if anyone has these parts left over from their build I'll buy them, I could sure use em.

Ron G 

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2 hours ago, DocRob said:

It's definitely included in the Profimodeller set #32202. Length is 68mm and the diameter is 19,7mm.

Cheers Rob




Hey Doc

 Thanks, I went to there site and that doesn't look like the picture I posted. It's  too long, it hangs off the rear of the wing. The one I show,  bottom picture, is for a 1/72 scale PBJ-1J. You can see that it ends at the rear edge of the wing like the upper picture. I did need the dimensions thanks.

Ron G 

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Hey all

  I've been doing a lot of investigating on the net and I have found out that almost all of the Marine PBJ-1Js didn't show up to very late at the end of the war in 1945.

  The decals I have for "Devil Dog" are for a tribute bird to the Marines. It's not a plane that served in the war so not sure how correct it is. I don't want to make a post war commemorative bird. I want to do one that actually saw combat.

  My main problem is I can't seem to find any pictures of the 8 gun nose strafer version of the PBJ-1J used by the Marines. All of the VMB squadrons pictures that I have found seem to either use the glass nose or the G/H version with the cannon.

  If anyone on here has pictures of a Marine PBJ-1J with the 8 gun strafer nose and or any books that give information on them please let me know. I have the Squadron book on the B-25 but it mostly covers the G/H version.

Thanks Ron G 

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Ron, I don't know if the Marines used the gun nose J or not. Kitsworld does a number of decal sheets that are warbirds or movie ones. They don't always label them clearly though. 

As for if the Marines had gun nose J's, this book might be able to shed some light on it.


Maybe Ernie can chime in with what info he has. 


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