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Special Hobby Tempest Mk. V 'Hi Tech'

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Just finished the other day; Special Hobby Tempest Mk V 'Hi Tech' kit. Finished as SA-M, a Mk V flown by James Sheddan of 486 Squadron. 

Beautiful model when finished. Takes a lot of work to get there though. Many fit issues which I guess is common for the brand.

Sure looks good when finished though.

The Hi Tech kit comes with the 1/2 engine, lots of resin to replace plastic kit parts, HGW seat belts & photo etch details.

After seeing Misoslav build so many, I was real interested in trying my hand at one. Got the kit @ 1/2 price on sale at a on line retailer.

Added Barracuda resin nose & prop, Eduard flaps.

Painted using MRP paints. 

All markings except stencils, kill markings & Squadron flag are painted on.

Thanks to Reimund for the kill markings & flags !

Weathered using washes, pastels & hair spray technique for the chipping.

Thanks for looking & all comments welcome.











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That is really an awesome engine. Nice build anyway. The chiping on the walkways looks convincing. Well done.

Have you read Sheddans book with his memories? Gives intereseting insights in Typhoon and Tempest pilots lives!

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Thanks all for the great comments!


I have not read Sheddans book, will have to look into it.

The next British fighter I build will probably be Tamiya's Mk IX.

Working on a WNW Albatros D.v now.

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