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1/24 scale DHC-2 Beaver build


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Hey all

 I just got this from an Ebay auction...yahoo I  won. Anyway I am going to be doing a build on this. It is an old (1979ish) snap together kit from Cedar Creek. It is a very simple kit, no windows or interior. It has decals for the windows.

 I'll be cutting out the windows and making windows from clear plastic sheet. I'll also be doing a complete as possible interior. I'm in the process of accumulating as much info on this plane as I can. If any of you have photos, documents, etc. please share.

dehavilland-dhc-beaver-float-plane-24_1_2d4c4a5fd52c4f722777591253589915.jpgthis is what comes in the kit. Not much.

14_fs.jpgthis is what I plan on doing, this was a photo takin from another build. Have to cut out all the flaps, ailerons, elevators and rudder.

18_fs.jpgthis is a photo from another build showing what has to be scratch built for the interior.

dhc224jm_7.jpgsame build showing custom pilot figure and rest of interior. Alot of work!

20191120_124637.jpghave to make this from scratch. I'm going to be using Airscales 1/24 gauage faces and instrument bezels. Ordered some balls, 1/32" dia. For control knobs also some levers, door handles  and PE seats, there for automotive models, but will work fine for what I want.

It's going to be a big under taking. All the rivets and line detail is raised, and will need to be sanded off and rescrbed and reriveted, thats going to be fun...lol. So wish me luck and all the help you can give.

Thanks Ron G 

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18 minutes ago, 1to1scale said:

WOW! I love it, never heard of this kit before, but I want one now!

I think there is one left on Ebay, it's  the white plastic one, it's a pacific airways one same manufacturer, but it is the same one just different color plastic. I think the bid was at $60.00 plus $19.05 shipping last I checked, but better hurry these are as scarse as hens teeth.

Ron G 

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Well guess what came in the mail today? Yep you guessed it. The 1/24 DHC-2 Beaver all the way from Fairbanks Alaska, thanks Troy.

 I guess I'm going to have to start a work in progress on this, as I've already started on it. So go to the work in progress area for all further info on this build thanks 

Ron G 

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