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1/43 MAZ-205 Russian truck


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Hello.  I present to you my MAZ from AVD models. If anything, I apologize in advance for the crooked translation of the text=) 1.thumb.jpg.e468394835a009142f182a1236aff8b0.jpg

This is my first "adult" model after reading an incredible amount of forums, magazines, videos, etc.  Before that, I was engaged in modeling only in childhood, when no information about modeling was available for me.  The assembly of the model immediately went wrong, because the AVD forgot to put me some parts, and most importantly, the body cover, so a real prototype with a homemade bucket-type body was found on the Internet working at the construction site of the Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro Power Plant.26..jpg.c625a2ed5522f99fcb17ce86bc0e3519.jpg11.thumb.jpg.397396e12a29815e03b5338640d5a69b.jpg
 I made the assembly, painted it, I wanted to do weathering, but it became scary to spoil the model and the construction of the model got stuck for at least half a year, the box during this time managed to fall well several times, until a week ago I decided that it was better to complete the job, regardless of the final  result.  What happened, what happened, whether to take it to the trash can, or put it on the shelf.  Photo on the phone 13 pixels.  The live model looks much better than in the photo.
 About the truck: In 1947 in Minsk.  The USSR (Russia) based on prototypes of the Yaroslavl dump truck YaAZ-205, the first diesel dump trucks MAZ-205 were manufactured, which received praise from the leadership of the republic and the state commission in Moscow.
 Airbrush painting.  Chemistry-tamiya, wilder, pacific, sonnet.

I look forward to your comments =) 


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I've driven gravel trucks for MANY years, and you nailed the look of a well used rock truck, the weathering is spot on, and the beaver tail on the dump box is PERFECT, I have seen many REAL ones looking exactly like that.............. excellent result, good job !!

cheers  Jeff

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VERY nice ! A nitpicking comment : your base and the presentation would benefit from having the « ground » level (or above) with the frame, rather than ensconced in it. It would give a more « open » impression of the whole. I hope my comment is clear.


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