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  1. I've been an ebay member for 21 years. Set the max bid you are willing to pay either early or late; it doesn't really matter. If you get outbid, you get outbid. No one can see your max bid as Hubert said and it only really puts people off if the max they are willing to pay is reached before they hit your max bid. Waiting until the last minute to try and snipe only puts you in a sweaty competition with others potentially looking to snipe it as well. The only way to guarantee a win is to post a crazy high bid that only a deep pocket dude could outdo, but you'll just end up paying too much every time doing that. Unless the item you want is rare/hard to find just only ever bid the max you'll pay. If you miss that one, another auction will come along.
  2. The meat industry is struggling and there is a danger of supply chain collapse. There have been warnings about this so I guess people are stocking up for it.
  3. HobbyTown USA in Kennesaw GA has a bunch.
  4. Covid is often less than three feet from me. I have had several coworkers sent home after testing positive, and the clients on my unit are not right mentally so they aren't social distancing for shit. Three of my own clients tested positive but are pretty much asymptomatic. They try to give my TA hugs and me fist bumps but I don't let them touch me or get within arm's reach. Been working consistently around them and still not testing positive myself. Don't know how I've been so lucky. Good genetics, I guess.
  5. Well, if you can pull it off you'll have a one- or very few- of a kind piece.
  6. It is a tad more complicated, as not only is the taper a bit different but the gun itself has a different barrel sleeve and recuperator housing than the larger Kwk 40. The Kwk 37 has a rounded end to the sleeve and the housing is chamfered at the front with an oval profile while the 40 has flatter sides to the housing and no chamfers; barrel sleeve is much longer as well. If you could source a gun assembly (including mantle) from a Pz IV D or E you could make it work, but that doesn't seem to be an option if this is the earliest short-barrel IV they make. The front of the turret is basically the same on all Ausfs so just swap them out. I have the whole line of Pz IV's courtesy of Dragon, so I just looked in a box to find this out. I also have a built F1 on my shelf. The F2 is really an early G. Here is the best close-up I could find of the F1 gun: [img=https://i.imgur.com/HTWcIrD.jpg]
  7. Nature will win. Remember: We need the Earth but it doesn't need us.
  8. In October 1918, the Spanish Flu killed approximately 195,000 Americans. Just to give some perspective.
  9. My wife has seen my stash of over 300 kits and said nothing more than, "You have a lot of models." It's my only active hobby these days and she knows I need the outlet. I also get my big kits from her on special occasions, so she knows the cost of some of them.
  10. It's the only one I've taken a knee for.
  11. I'd like to see that as well. The Sheridan was my favorite vehicle to play in the Vietnam mod for the original Battlefield pc game. The developer's coded it very fast and nimble and I used to beat the pants off the opposing team until they all would start spawning in as anti-tank to kill me specifically.
  12. I know there is a vaccine, Hubert. I am not an idiot. The vaccine only provides a boost to immunity to lower your risk of getting it. But there is no CURE for it. I am also aware of the Covid tracking sites; I frequent several of them every few days to keep tabs on how things are going. And if you knew as much about the demographics of the United States as you seem to know about everything else, then you know many of the areas hardest hit happen to be very densely populated and are often epicenters of disease. Say what you want about 'our American friends', but I don't presume to talk about the situation in Europe as I don't live there. Don't presume to know all about us as you don't live here. Also, your link shows a graph which indicates deaths are in the decline since their peak in mid-April. Even as new cases develop.
  13. They don't report the death numbers in the news anymore, if you've noticed. Those are on the decline. They throw out a big number to scare people, but when you crunch it down it becomes more reasonable and in keeping with the increase in testing now. That 57,000 per day they cite is across 30-40 states (number of states seems to depend on the news outlet) which averages about 1200-1300 per state. Looking at it that way the number doesn't seem as scary. Most states have populations in the millions, so even if that rate was to stay constant it would take a few years to get everyone exposed. Florida, with a population of 21 million but only 190,000 cases would need almost 44 years to expose every resident if the rate stays constant at 1300 per day. There are some unknown variables in all of this but you can see what I'm trying to get at. Even the information on the CDC's web site indicates this if you know how to read medicalese. I have always maintained my distance from strangers as I think it rude to get up inside people's personal space so social distancing is easy for me. I wash my hands with soap but have never used sanitizer in my life. I have actually sat across a table from a coworker who was positive but I am negative even after that close proximity to the virus. It isn't airborne; it travels in saliva/mucous expelled from the body by coughing, sneezing, or spitting. You wouldn't like it if someone did any of that under normal circumstances and you shouldn't allow it now. As far as the extreme call to lock down until a vaccine cure is found, number it is a virus that mutates so that is not going to happen or we would have vaccines to cure herpes, HIV, dengue, the common cold, normal influenza, Ebola, SARS, MERS-CoV, and even polio. All we can do is try to boost immunity to help your body fight off an infection, but we cannot cure any of them. People holding out for doctors to miraculously make it go away are fooling themselves. Those in the higher risk categories need to shelter if possible and we need to keep them safe, but the rest of us have to get back to fixing the other issues plaguing us right now. Still have to remember that the overwhelming number of people who get sick and die are over 70. Considering the average American male lifespan is down to 78 years right now most of those folks are on borrowed time anyway.
  14. Their first tank kit was the Panther in 1961, which was also their third plastic kit with a race car being the second. Technically, their first plastic kit was a model of the Yamato (1959) but they were not able to compete successfully with the other companies on price point and they went back to wood kits for a couple of years before giving in to the change in fashion which was plastic not wood. Tamiya started as a sawmill and lumber supply company (1905) and they got into making wooden boats and planes to eat up some of their on-hand wood reserves. That business became very profitable and they left the lumber business in 1953.
  15. I believe Hph (or maybe it was HKM) was supposedly working on one, but now that they switched to plastic from resin I don't know if it is still in development.
  16. I'm a bit fed up with the straw ban, considering it began with a project created by a young student who admitted to making up a number he thought sounded impressive.
  17. Xerox was told by a judge that there would be no way to convince people to stop using their brand as a generic term for photocopies. Same as how every tissue gets called Kleenex regardless of actual brand.
  18. Not entirely sure what you are asking, but there were numerous variations of the basic design plus a couple using a different suspension setup. The base model Sd.Kfz 121 covered the Pzkpfw II Ausf a/1, Ausf a/2, Ausf a/3, Ausf b, Ausf c, Ausf A, Ausf B, Ausf C which was mostly a series of continuous upgrades/improvements during the production run. The Ausf D and Ausf E both had 4 double-bogie wheels per side with new sprockets and idlers. The Ausf F (depicted by the Tamiya kit above) returned to the previous suspension and was the final development of the base design. Then there was the Ausf G (VK901), the Ausf J based on the VK1601 chassis, and the Ausf L (VK1303) which used interleaved road wheels like the Panther and Tiger.
  19. Is that something you came up with or is it a downloadable CAD file you found/bought online?
  20. Meng was doing the actual production of the kits for WNW in the same way Trumpeter produces Merit's kits. This has now been confirmed by another former employee.
  21. Sorry. I live about 50 miles from the Coca-Cola museum and the logo has changed several times in the last 100 years.
  22. I have a full range of Mr Color RLM paints, but mine all have to be thinned with either Mr Color's thinner or lacquer thinner. Alcohol does not seem to do it, at least when I've tried.
  23. Are you familiar with this Ghia? This is the Type 34, which was primarily sold in Europe. A few made it to the U.S. and I have seen a couple when I used to participate in VW shows with my bus.
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