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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Focke Wulf.... Triebflugel.

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Ok, first step is....


...the cockpit. No big surprise. The way Miniart engineered it is interesting. The tub is split into upper and lover halves with the upper half holding the side panels. The two parts test fit together.


The seat is next.


The instructions tell you to assemble the seat, then attach it to the armoured backrest. the seat bottom is keyed to fit into the floor so if you don't get them aligned correctly, that could be a problem. 


I ended up sliding the backrest in first and then gluing the seat together in place. 


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I then painted everything RLM66. Or at least that's what it said on the bottle. Looks green to me.


Anyways, I then did the IP bassackwards. I painted it RLM66, then applied the decals. At which point I noticed that the panel around the instruments should be black. So I then painted the black. I added a couple Airscale placards to the panel to add some details. 


The PE seatbelts were next and then the cockpit was done. 




There might have been a control sticks and pedals added at some point but I don't have pics. 

Edit: here they are. 


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The front fuselage halves were then joined together and same for the rear fuselage halves. 



The rear is empty so simple enough. 

Then I assembled the rotatey-spinny bit. 


It's not mentioned in the instructions but there is a way for the wings to be geared together so they pivot at the same time. I may try it on a future build if I decide to get another one.


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3 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

Looks like a fun build , I like it. :)


Just now, harv said:

:popcorn:Looking g good ! Tasty little build.....harv

Thanks Martin and Harv. I am having fun with it. One of the versions of the kit even has Hydra markings in from the first Captain America movie. I'm still trying to decide what to use.

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Onto the wings. Again, not a lot of parts, mostly the rocket/scramjet bits in the wingtips. 


I painted the insides in dark iron then gave them a dry brushing with some Tamiya weathering master sets. I mostly used light gunmetal followed by a bit of burnt blue. It won't really be seen so I didn't go crazy. 

I glued the halves together and they're just drying at the moment. 


That's where I am as of now. 

So far so good. 

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5 minutes ago, BlrwestSiR said:

I know there's a few folks on here who will build a Hasegawa kit as a refresh/palate cleanser but oddly enough I've yet to have a 1/32 Hasegawa kit go together that easily. 

I built their Raiden some years ago, my only Hasegawa build until yet, but it went together like a breeze. It built up almost by itself with me concentrating on painting and weathering. Was almost to easy to build without PE and resin ;).

edit: Forgot, that I built the P-47D in Eduard outfit as Dottie Mae. A good kit too, but needed some extra work on the cowl and in the pit.

Cheers Rob

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1 hour ago, Bomber_County said:

Carl, that was damn quick, perhaps we could all do with a quick build pick me up......

Amazing how fast you are building this model. And it looks beautiful! I only manage one to two per year. Can I send some of mine to you for a quick build?;)

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Thanks folks! It's been a bit crazy at work so I haven't had as much time at the bench. I finally had some free time so started on the paint. I filled in a couple small seams and sanded them back. 


I decided to give Jeroen's shading technique a try on the bare plastic. After all if it doesn't work out who's going to say it's inaccurate?


The shape of the fuselage really makes me want to put a shark mouth on it. We'll see if I can find something suitable. 


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I got the green onto the fuselage today. First I attached the canopy, masked it and sprayed the inside colour. 


Then I did the primary colour coat. 


I forgot to post a pic of the engine burners that I did yesterday so here it is. 


Quick test fit to see how the camo works together. 



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