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So the move is coming a little slower than expected.....


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I mentioned in a few other threads that we sold our home of 25 years, tossed out a bunch, put a lot in storage temporarily and trying our best to make it all fit an a slightly smaller place.  I know the garage was going to be tough downsizing from a 3 car to a singe car but much deeper.  Creative storage ideas with smaller shelves, planned over head wall shelves for all my kits and even tossing more after we moved has helped.  My youngest son has made out like a bandit.  He's gotten my  bench grinder (I've only used it once it 13 years), new strut/spring compressor, shelving units that are just too big, engine hoist and engine stand just to name a few items. 

I have still yet to get my '66 Mustang GT Fastback out of my old home that finally has a contract on it.  Next weekend. That is my goal.

What I didn't expect......

We have a lake house now.  Everyone wants to come over and relax and have a good time.  AKA: Nothing is getting done to unpack.

We live on a lake now.  It started in May and now into June.  We get invites to neighbors "kick off the summer" parties.  AKA: Nothing is getting done to unpack.

We now have beautiful sunsets to watch every evening while sitting on the dock with an adult beverage.  AKA: Nothing is getting done to unpack.

Our oldest son took two weeks off from his Army duty, flew home until tomorrow morning.  AKA: Nothing is getting done to unpack.

Just the other night while I was supposed to be unpacking and instead sitting on the dock with the wife watching that beautiful sunset with a Scotch in my hand, I told her it will probably be this time next year before we are settled in all the way, if not longer.  Oh, and another distraction........She just bought her brothers Yamaha Wave Runner since he sold his lake home.  We go to Charlotte Sunday and pick that up.  Yea, you know what that means.  I'll be doing oil change, plugs, tuneup, etc.. for the next week. I cannot wait until I can get a bench set up again and start on another kit.  Pffttt....who am I kidding.  I still have all of my built kits in the packing boxes I need to unpack and and put back in my display case after I install my new lighting system I bought. 

I did pull a fast one on the wife though.  I set up an old cabinet I had and a file cabinet to put a claim on space I see I will need in the future. If I could just slow her down buying and hanging all those "cute" signs she's buying at Hobby Lobby with "Family" or "Live, Laugh, Love" or the best one yet she put up, "Lake House"  Well no shit Sherlock!! Do we need a sign that says it??

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That’s exactly why I took 18 odd years away from the hobby because I was renovating a house built in 1550………when we came to move again in found boxes that hadn’t been opened since we moved previously……..but now I have unpacked……

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Hard life indeed Scott :) …

Having gone through a number of moves, I have now a simple rule: everything that must be done in a house, unpacked, hanged, set-up is done within 4 weeks of the move. When the 4 weeks are over, that’s it ! What’s not done by then will not be done, and not unpacked will not be unpacked. It’s intense, but so satisfying afterwards. 

Our last move was last year in the newly-built house. In fairness, I had done some prep work in the room that serves as workshop/attic, by hanging shelves there before the move started. But the move started on Sept 27th, and we were fully settled by October 13th. And in case you are wondering, the move was 120 cubic meters. That’s almost the volume of 2 40’ containers, if you are looking for a comparison.

Hang tight Scott, you’re almost there (emptying the scotch bottle while watching the sunset, I mean :D )


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12 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

1550? You mean 3:30PM  ? :)

Just imagine Phil, to find a box from 1550. Ultimate procrastination 

:rolleyes: hmmmmm, the couple of decades following 1550 when:-

  • 1558 Queen Elizabeth 1 ascends English throne
  • 1582 Pope Gregory XIII implements the Gregorian
  • 1587 Mary, Queen of Scots, executed for treason by order of Queen Elizabeth I. 

the house was known as the House of Correction with jail cells in the basement, later became an asylum, purported to have several bodies buried in the garden….then became the Post Office and then a ordinary house…..

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After 10 years working overseas we came home at last, our house was still fully equipped so I knew it would be a bit frantic so we set about the house.

In preparation for the shipping container arriving (four weeks) from Australia I fully boarded out the loft and the house contents were carefully checked over, the family and local charity shops were presented with a lot of items deemed to be duplicates or no longer liked/needed.

With a lot of clutter out of the way painting and decorating were the order of the day.

One spare bedroom was rigged up as a model room/study in anticipation of the arrival of my modelling gear, another bedroom was cleared.

The shipping container arrived and each carton was checked and either went in the loft or the spare bedroom, the latter being items needed immediately, which included my PC and modelling gear.

Then with the immediate items sorted the loft was either cleared or items were left in there for storage, again charity shops friend and families became the recipients of items deemed to be excess to requirements.

Surprisingly it all went well, though we will not be repeating the process.



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I went digging all through my modeling supplies last night looking for my tiny bottle of thin CA glue.  No luck.  :brickwall: Hobby Lobby is a just little out of the way coming home.  I've discovered it's easier to buy new than look for all of our old stuff to use.  I'm trying my best to organize my areas as I am unpacking. Found a really nice set of wall mounted spray can holders I'm putting together now.  they are made of wood, thus the need for the CA glue.  I know if I don't do it all now, it will never get done.

Looking at my "nook" where I plan on building my bench area (partially under the stairwell) I noticed that 1/2 the stairwell is completely boxed in with drywall.  Showed it to the wife and told her if we cut open the end, we can gain a LOT of storage area.  Problem is, it's where I want to put my bench. Time to get creative with my bench design. 

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