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Fw190 A8/R2"Black 8", 11./JG.3


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cool schemes guys


i'd like to see photos to back your one up though Grant - not sure I believe that one unless I see it, if you know what i mean


re SC250s, avoid the Eduard one if it is from their 109 update set; CMK (or MDC) miles better


looking forward to seeing more!





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Thanks for the feedback regarding the SC 250 options Gents - very much appreciated.  Alrady  some beaut schemes proposed.  Looking forward to the September kick-off.  Cheers, Ralph.

Ralph, I'm so sorry for hijacking your thread!

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Steve:  couldn't make the Normandy inspiration link work - appreciate the thought though.  No hijacking at all Grant - the more the merrier.


This one's an Xmas present for my brother, so accuracy is "near enough is good enough".  Started with some rivet work courtesy of Kagero's 32nd scale A-8 plans,Radu B's 0.75mm wheel and a beading tool...










The plating was sized according to the templates in the Eagle Strike Productions 32062 "Rammjager Part 2" decal sheet instructions.  Something's off...







There are a number of places where Kagero's plans and Hasegawa's engraving don't agree, so the "near enough is good enough" approach simplified the job.  Radu B's wheel has done six 32nd scale models, including Dragon's Bf110 and Revell's He111.  Teeth have lost their delicate bite...


Thanks for looking.  Cheers, Ralph.

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Beautiful rivet work Ralph...


And apologies for the earlier link. A repeat look at the Bundesarchiv link and type into search "Stöpfgeshoff + focke" and 1944 / 1944 will give you all five photos of the Normandy sequence with Maximowitz.


I believe the Eagle Strike plotting for the armour is too generous towards aft. This link shows the armour well, with both radio and fuel hatches clearly behind the plating. Seems it's rare to find starboard views of the A-8 Sturmbocks.




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Cheers Jamme.


Steve:  appreciate the link to pics - very helpful.


Dave:  took me about a day and a half to get this far.  Having photocopies of the 32nd scale plans helped a lot.  Measure distances on the plans with calipers and transfer to the plastic.  I use a piece of broken carpenter's retractable steel measuring tape as a guide - saves having to draw on the rivet lines first.  There's more work to finish the engine cowlings once assembled, and then to redo any detail lost during airframe assembly.


Cheers, Ralph.

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Woeful effort fitting the cowl to fuselage - might be time to take up basket-weaving.  Hope you guys have better results.












Forgot to say "Many thanks" to all who had suggestions for sourcing the SC250, so "Many thanks for your suggestions".  Apologies for my oversight.  Cheers, Ralph.

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Yeah Guys,


It's the kit and not anything Ralph would have done wrong. It's a tricky area; but the real aircraft also was not flush in this area, as a spacer was added between the wing root and cowl for the enlarged power egg of the later Würgers. So, it's not meant to be perfect.


Nice work so far..

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Cheers Gentlemen.  Don't really know Dave.  Nothing seemed particularly odd when assembling the wings/fuselage and engine/cowls subassemblies.  I built an A-8 some years ago but don't recall the fit being this ugly.  Will keep adding Mr Surfacer in layers and see where it ends up.

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