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MIG-15bis Czech Žatech AB 1957


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Fellow Modelers,

i always found that the early Russian Jet design looks kind of sexy, the revolutionary MIG-15 Design of Mr. Gurewitsch is no exception.

So no wonder that my first post WW2 build is one, i was a bit unsure which markings it should have till i saw that Czech MIG with that eye-catching camouflage.

As always no decals were used, but the fuselage numbers, which in this case was pretty time consuming as one can imagine.....

With respect to the great design of the MIG-15 my first idea was to built it with the fuselage closed not to detract from the great MIG line but than i started to scratch many parts for the Klimow engine & weapon bay and i decided to show both areas displayed.













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Fantastic, I'm blown away by the sheer beauty of your Mig. Detailing, painting and weathering is exceptional and you are absolutely right, the Czech markings fit perfectly to the elegant lines of the plane.

Cheers Rob 

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