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ICM A-26B air racer finished

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Done with this one. When I first saw a photo of this a/c I knew I wanted to build it. I replaced the kit props (which are WAY inaccurate) with some from a Monogram kit which are accurate. I also used some True Details resin wheels to replace the kit wheels. Painted with Testor's and decaled with Draw Decals. Tinting the inside of the canopy worked out okay as I was a little concerned about that process. LOL Hopefully you guys will like it. :)

A-26 4.jpg

3-17-22 001.jpg

3-17-22 002.jpg

3-17-22 003.jpg

3-17-22 004.jpg

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5 minutes ago, Peterpools said:


Beautiful work and your masking came out perfect.

Another beautiful Unlimited racer in the books

Keep 'em comin


Thanks Peter. It does look nice sitting next to the other racers. :)

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