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MC.200 "Saetta" 1:48 Italeri

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Hello! I know I haven’t been in the forum for a long time, but that’s how it is with me. We started a little weekend project yesterday. My wife is happy because another box is disappearing on my closet. “Saetta” straight out of the box and without additives. Only these masks I make myself for the glazing. So far, only the contents of the box. It’s a pity there aren’t any extras.


The studio isn’t finished yet, so the photos are completely finished.





The glazing is beautiful and transparent.


Painting is also chosen.


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Yesterday it was possible to put together the interior of the cabin and the model. As I wrote, I did the glazing of the cabin myself with TAMIYA tape.






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This time I approached the camouflage a little differently, first it went yellow and after masking it grey on the underside. Then mask and green at the top and the sides went. Of course, the colors that correspond to the Italian camouflage of the Bilmodels palette.




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Very nice Kriss, the camo came out great, you seem to have steady hands with the airbrush, chapeau. The Italians had a soft spot for delicate camo schemes. I'm actually building a WWI Lancia, used in Spain with an also weird camo pattern. 

Cheers Rob

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Now it's time for the engine along with the cowl, still clean. Once it has been valorized and nailed down, it will be mounted and one side cowl will be loose. So that something will be visible from the side.


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Hello Landlubber Mike
I paint almost everything with an airbrush, I use the brush mainly to paint parts such as knobs, dials, etc., and to apply pigments and nails to the model. That's it in a nutshell what I can do is airbrush. And this is the kind of kit I have to help me paint so that my hand does not shake and my eyes see everything.


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