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My airfix 1/24 hellcat

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2E4018D2-F7CC-4310-9900-CC8101C6BC1E.thumb.jpeg.0086b6da598374512c25c0f63ff5d685.jpegWe’ll, I’ve built the airfix 1/24th p-51, fw190, bf109 and the mosquito. Now the big hellcat.. this seems like the best airfix 1/24 scale model they’ve made to date. I still have the car door typhoon under my bed yet to though so we’ll see!! Great forum.

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  • Irishman1 changed the title to My airfix 1/24 hellcat

Very good job on that. I sort of gave up on Airfix 1/24th with the Mosquito, but she is still on the shelf, shouting at me. To be honest, life just happened and I di dnot have the time that the kit requires. 

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A but more work in progress. Getting the engine together before detailing it out. I have anzy ignition cables ( might not use) and more fine painting to fo as well but the canvas is getting close!

for the oil lines I’m using solid wire covered with heat shrink and rolled foil for hose clamps 





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Finally making progress on the engine, I removed the copper wire fuel transfer pipes and installed the kits plastic ones. Cut and placed the anzy braided ignition wites(which I may redo as the length seems too long). Here’s where I’m at.

im sitting in my motorhome at the table working on the hellcat while my wife’s out for a forest run!




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More progress on the engine, it’s like a kit all in its own. The exhaust pipes are all in two pieces and need to be filled and sanded before installing. They do fit well though. I’ve dirtied it up a little but will wait until the engines more complete before detailing it out






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