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Border Models Lancaster B.1 "Victorious Virgin"

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As I have recently received this amazing kit, I shall have to start it!


First little bits attached to the seat, found a broken part, the armrest on the bulkhead side is broken, I'll attempt to repair, but may just leave off.


There WILL be paint and chipping before I attach the seat yes! 




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cockpit parts cleaned up and getting ready for painting basics. Floors need 3 coats... black base, aluminium, then interior green for chipping...


Surprised at the amount of flash on the parts, nothing real big, but separation lines on nearly all the parts so far...


armrest repaired. It's the left side of the seat if the seat is facing forward.




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Wait a minute.. I thought this kit was supposed to be a future priceless commodity and not to be built?? 

Actually, I am glad that one of these will be built and see the shelf soon! I will check in often on this one! 👍

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There are SO many detail in the cockpit. I keep going back and forth on the second page and keep finding stuff to add. I'm not a Lanc expert, actually know very little about it, so most of the colors are fantasy, but hey, it looks like a Lanc to me! I've spent probably 4 hours today and there seems to be not much progress.





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Thanks for the comments folks,

I have done a stint of dayshifts, so not much work time, but got my hands on it this weekend!

More paint, and assembling sub-assemblies. progress is happening but s l o w.

As I think the end is near on this part, I get slapped back to reality! 

Anyway, cockpit is about to be put together, next is the bomb-aimer/ nose gun turret area. there were some punch mark on the forward facing bulkheads, which was strange, but I filled with some Surfacer 500, so the hope is that it will be subdued enough!








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Terrific progress and some mighty fine work brush painting all the details. 

I hope you are following Nige's Modeling Bench Channel, as he is building the Lancaster and doing an amazing job - loads if how too's and 'rivet counting' in the right way: an amazing build and channel to follow.


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Looks better on camera than in real life! anyhow, I did paint all the larger surfaces etc, some by hand some with airbrushing. I used the kit decals where applicable (except the 2 i broke) so I had to use some airscale instruments to help. thankfully nobody will be reading them so they won't notice that the Tachometers are actually altimeters... 

the kit decals are super-fine, they look strange on the paper, but they conform nicely using the newly acquired Mig Decal solution. Awesome stuff!

of course I got a chest cold, so haven't really felt like sitting at the bench, but hope to get back to it shortly!

I have followed Nigel's build, just need to catch up to the new ones!


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