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what's on your to buy list for 2024

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55 minutes ago, Spitfire said:

I have problems reaching the legal speed limits these days never mind breaking them, no more flashing around with my hair on fire, but me and my 1976 Honda CB750 go at a more leisurely pace these days and only on sunny days.

New shiny superbikes hold no attraction for me, though in my younger days I would have loved one.

I bought the bike new in 1976 and no one else has ever laid a spanner on it.

My bike was my only form of transport between 16 and 28, I used it for everything no matter what the weather, I also worked shift so night or day did not matter to me.

Marriage and kids meant passing my car test and buying a car, which is a great way to get from A to B without getting cold or wet but it is not fun.

Most of the bikers I see nowadays are like me either silver tops or baldies.



Want to sell it ?🤣

One of my first bikes was a rattle canned F1 , bought of a mate with a blown gearbox ...did my first "strip down a rebuild" in a student flat in Leeds on a budge of ...50 pence ? One of the lecturers took pity and sold me a spare NOS exhaust system for very little . LTT934P still on DVLA database, I wonder if it's sat in pieces somewhere. 





EDIT - Hawkwind ...Pink FLoyd LPS and full ashtray ....I miss the 90's ( 1991 maybe ?) 

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7 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Dune Ornithopter in 1/72!

Just announced by Meng. 

me too!!! Right on my 2024 buy list....


Also the upcoming Eduard/HKM 1:48 B-17F "Bloddy Hundredth" edition.


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Not anymore on my to buy list, but ordered Saturday. When I saw the announcement of the MFH Crocker with the big tank, I was immediately in love.
I never liked Harley´s that much, mainly because I hate the middle section with the battery / airbox?, which ruins the entire design for me.
The Crocker shows, it can be made different, what a beauty.


Cheers Rob


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