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1:32 Hasegawa P-40 E "Dottie II"

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Well perhaps something like Dottie II might have looked like at some time...













Not sure about how the canopy should sit.  Any advice much appreciated.





Had intended to add the fin-to-wingtip antennae, but the elastic rigging thread I tried had different ideas so they didn't eventuate.








Thanks for looking.  Cheers, Ralph.

WIP at http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/2796-132-hasegawa-p40-e-dottie-ii/ 


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I am afraid i've got to put in a lot of hours on my airbrush before i will even come close to this. The weathering looks great. This is exactly what is so great about this forum, that is that we all learn from each other, il be putting some of your techniques in to practice on my own builds, and hopefully, someday in the near, (or not so near) future i will be able to stand in the shadow of this build. 


great result!



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Great build and great paintwork and weathering, the latter is something that I tend to avoid as I am very bad at it, the early war period aircraft fascinate me and looking at your build if I did not have two kits in the works I would be tempted to build a P-40 myself.





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