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WIP of my 1/200 USS Missouri


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Hello everyone. Sincee the forum decided to change it's policy to enable some of us to show some of their non LSM work, I thought it was time to show my 1/200 USS Missouri. I got this kit for an unbelievable price from one of Squadrons big reduction sales. Actually cost less than the Pontos detail set. As most of you know, this kit is huge and loaded with plastic. No need to show the plastic as you have all seen plastic before. I am adding the Pontos detail set and 20 Veteran Models 40mm Bofors gun mounts


Here is a shot of the Pontos detail set.Thiis is loaded with everythin imagineable. Brass turned barrels for all guns included.



Here is the wood deck still in the bag, not coming out till needed. very thin and delicate.



Here is hull assembled. That is a 24" scale sitting on top of the hull




Since I started this a whils ago, I have done a lot. This is getting built as sub-assemblies and I am planning on building the complete ship as a dry build first. So much detail that won't be able to be added once I start gluing assemblies in place. No paint as of yet.


Here is the stern float plane crane.






Float plane catapults. So m uch detail on these it's crazy.








Here is one of the radar antenna's.




Mark 43 gun ranging antenna I beleive.










Another Marh 43 and one of the main radar antennas.










I am not a fan of PE, or wasn't a fan until now. OMG, I didn't want to start because I knew once I did, I had to do it all. I am committed my friends.

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I agree! I'm so glad that the LSM decided to change it's policy to enable some of us to show some of our non LSM work because it enables me to see beautifully craftsmanship like this!! This will be stunning when complete and I'll watch with great interest!

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Folding and bending and a little too much glue in a few places. Unavoidable considering the miniscle attachment points. Hopefully the paint will blend some of them out.


I found an old oak fireplace mantle someone left outside their house. Snagged it. This ship is 54" long when finished and the mantle is 60". Acrylic case on top of that will protect the Mighty Mo.


Here is one of the stacks decked out with all her finery.












I forgot to hollow out the pipes on the stacks.


Here is part of the upper deck dry fit.















And one of the turrets.









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Thanks Ralph and welcome to the forum. I hope you had a hand in this change coming about. This kit is mind boggling. Not just in detail but physically too. Sore eyes, sore fingers, sore shoulders and neck. It's worth it in the long run though. Built a couple of ships in the past. There is only one way to do this one. All out!



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Thanks Martin, I appreciate that. Also, I decided NOT to do the individual rungs that came with the Pontos set. There must be 500 of them and each one requires 2 .012" holes to be drilled. Just ccould not wrap my head around that. My eyes and fingers cannot handle that any more.



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Stunning work! I love PE, but you sir, have a love affair with it! At least for this build. So far I might, (might I say), be able to pull of the plane launches, but not so sure about that radar array.

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Thanks everyone. I really am glad LSM changed the format somewhat. This is a good thing. There is so much talent here and I have learned a lot here. I haven't posted here in a while because I have had my head wrapped around this build and the DeAgostini D51 locomotive (which will be posted here soon).


The Pontos set for this kit is awesome, as you can see. Well laid out and designed. The instructions suck big time but they made up for it slightly by making it pretty obvious where the folds take place and everything is scored for the right fold and notched for interlocking parts. You do have to be careful with some folds because you only get one chance so this has taken a lot of time. Did I mention that the instructions suck? I am trying to get a painting sequence down because once the wood deck is on, there will be no more airbrushing. Still, a lot of this will be painted by hand, hence the sub-assemblies


Thanks again,


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Well, what can I say that hasn't been said before? The Pontos set being installed on this Missouri is truly eye-candy! I've been on USS Wisconsin last month so I'll be TRULY critical! ;)


What color scheme will she carry, won't it be a challenge to mask it with all that PE?

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Paul, great project. I'm working on a similar project for a friend. The Pontos set is incredible. You are far ahead of me, which is good because I can look at yours when I get stuck some place ;) I just finished drilling all those holes for individual steps and started on the ladders. I agree with you that their instruction sticks but at the same token I am glad they provided details like...templates for drilling all those holes. This is a commission build but I think I will get one myself because it's just way to cool of a subject. While back I read on Ship forum that Kim of Pontos details might do a 1986 update set as they have done in 1/350. It's not 100% but at east he's thinking about it ;)



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Well, hello everyone. Man, it's been a long time. Sadly, my Missouri has been on hold. For a good reason though. I am in the process of building a 1/12 scale dollhouse for my granddaughters. Yep, you heard that right. True large scale model. I have a hard deadline of July 15th to ship by Aug 1st to Texas. After that, life begins again and the Mighty Mo' comes back out. I have made some progress since my last post. Hull is done and getting ready to throw paint on the upper decks and super structure. Holy c&%p, there is still a LOT of PE to do. My biggest problem is rigging, At this scale, it needs to be near complete but I can't find a detailed rigging guide to save my life.I bought a set of 1/96 drawings from Steel Navy?, I think. They only show a profile view with rigging. I'm not sure that will be enough. Any ideas?


Thanks again for the great response.



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This may sound like a silly idea for the rigging but the World of Warships game has a very detailed version of the USS Iowa.  That is the only idea I have. I have a 1/350 of Mighty Mo and that is what I am going to be using for a rigging guide. I'll post a pic from the game of the Iowa.  Its grayed out because I havent unlocked it yet but after I unlock it it will be in color and much easier to see.

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