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AIMS Mistel 2

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Yes it is the Hasegawa kit - it was all I had - this was a display model only for my conversion parts thrown together for my Table at IPMS Scale Model World 3 or 4 years ago but recently I wanted to make it into a finished model otherwise I would have looked for a Revell F-8 I think

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Very nice! If I'm correct, Rick is building the same model too, at the moment? Or did he finish it already?...

U B correct Erik.  The FW190A-8 is complete.


Building at the moment?  No bench time since June....arrgh!


Bench and ManCave rebuild still a WIP.  Hope to have Bench Mk.II to operational status by mid October.


Then yes, the Ju88 Mistel 2 will have priority.  Also hitting the bench at same time will be MDC Tiffy and Planet FW190C, finally got a FW190 "Tall Tail" from Hasegawa.  Will also start on my Greek DH.9.

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I moved to Hungary to live this April so no I will not be at Telford any more guys sorry

ohh..... I was really forward see AIMS stall and temped to get the S-3 conversion.

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