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Newbie here, saying hello to old friends ...


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Hello all,

I was wondering where all my old friends had gone .. or whether they were all having a prolonged vacation :) ...

Anyhow, after a (tremendously difficult :rofl: ) detective work that would have made Sherlock Holmes proud, I found most of the "usual suspects" here.

So I registered to say hello.

To those that do not know me, I am French (yes, I know ... but you need one everywhere, don't you ? Or so I want to believe), have been living in Portugal for the last 10 months or so, even though I am not yet retired, and my kit interests focus on 1/32 exclusively, and mostly civilians, racers, Golden Age aircrafts, early jets, no-swastikas, and non-camoed ...

I also do ships from time-to-time, and may do more now that there are some 1/200 offerings, even for pre-dreadnoughts ;) .

I am also a very prolific builder .... nooooo .... this is an outright lie. Between ordinary life issues, a business still to run in France, and a modelling-bias towards detailing and AMS, I have little time at the bench, and a very slow output.

I hope I can bring something here nevertheless, and will follow my friends' works with interest :popcorn:



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Hey Hubert, like the rest have said, great to have you here, to chime in with laughter and humor, and what ever else tickles your fancy, like an old road foreman used to tell us................. " we're all here , because we're not all there"........................ well, it sure worked for when we were on the job, but you get what I mean..LOL!!!B)

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