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I am solving my storage dilemma "Yippee!"

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It is rough when it gets like that. Plus it is easy to mis-place things when they have no home. I should have bought 2 big boxes instead of the orange ones. I may get another anyway. It is nice to have a safe drawer for my airbrushes.

I have sorted my WWII Japanese and Luftwaffe and my WWII to modern Russian colours. I need to do the US & RAF colours next. At first I wanted paint racks used to display colours in shops but they are ridiculously expensive. Now everything is portable. 

I am as happy as a puppy standing next to a bowl of ice cream. Look! -> :D

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Years ago they were changing out the crash carts at the hospital my wife worked at.  She snagged me one. It's basically a tool box, but it has 4 turning casters instead of two fixed and two turning.  Also has a "bumper" around the bottom to keep it from hitting the walls.

It only has three drawers and a large open space on the bottom.  Drawer height on one is perfect for the standard Tamiya paint bottles. I used utensil divider boxes for individual color spectrum's.  One is tools, tape, etc. One is larger Junk.  I just need to reorganize my mess now. 

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Thanks guys. I plan to write on bottle tops. At the moment only Russian, German and Japanese are in sections in the orange boxes. I have more Japanese than any otheotherwiser paint. I really like Japanese aeroplanes.



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Here is the little spitfire. I am working on this at my drum studio. A boy, 9 years old, was given this for hos birthday. He had zero clue what to do with it. I asked if he'd like me to build it for him. He said Yes please!

Hopefully he will like it enough to try with another he has.


Here is another I built for my student, THE MACHINE!!! The machine has studied with me since he began, age 3.




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