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Your colour and marking preference?

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I model only WW2 Axis types so far as Aircraft go, so those you've mentioned are right up my alley. I take particular interest in the intricacies and subtle differences between Manufacturers and Werk Nummer runs of especially late war Fw-190 and Bf-109's. Some will tell you "they're all the same boring grey", but this is part of my enthusiasm for those particular types. 

Also quite fond of the camouflage and colours of the WW2 Italian aircraft.


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I like RLM 74/75/76 and Italian the most.  Too bad that most Italian planes either don't exist as acceptable models or are just plain fugly.  I dig USAAF NMF and Japanese NMF schemes, too.

OD is not for me.

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By the way, the most unappealing single Colour to me is RLM-66, I guess it's the main reason the Germans experimented with ejection seats, to prevent pilots from depression. 

The most -hmm- interesting Colour is Russian cockpit turquoise. Clearly LSD was involved when they mixed it first.

Cheers Rob

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