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Fokker DR.I in 1/32 announced from Meng


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Got my Roden DR.1 yesterday and while browsing through the sprues have to say, it looks pretty decent. With some add-on's, like an Aviattic cowling and some spare Wingnut seatbelts, accompanied with Montex Masks for Rudolf Klimkes bird, my urge for a DR.1 ends here.

Cheers Rob

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Well, the kit is now up for preorder. Lucky Model has it for $38.99:


Much less than I would have expected. 

Me? I'm getting a 1/32 Viggen.

Now if they do a Duelist release with Snoopy on a dog house in flying garb I might change my mind. 


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I see other places, this discussion went on for 15 pages ! Holy Doodle.....no wonder we, in this world have a tough time agreeing, good thing we don't have to really decide something important ! :rolleyes::rofl:  I might have to jump off my wallet too... this maybe kind of cool, I do hope maybe a Sopwith triplane too.. :ph34r:

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8 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Well, the kit is now up for preorder. Lucky Model has it for $38.99

At the current exchange rate; just shy of $57 Au, so with shipping and Tax I estimate around the $100 mark once it arrives Down Under (given that the Meng Komet kit is $85 at a local store here.)

Still quite a bargain, considering the WNW Albatros I last spied here was going for $149.

This is probably more of a factor in the WNW demise than people realise... A Company based at the bottom of the Globe, relying on supply from half a World away, structuring their business model around a foreign currency, and then shipping to a Customer base largely back on the other side of the Globe. 


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35 minutes ago, krow113 said:

That didnt take long now did it...


Start blasting out the back catalogue and bring these kits back into everyones price range.

$1500 Gotha G IV's ????!!!! Help me Jebus!

I've heard that Meng doesn't have the other kit's molds.  But I wish they'd all come back.

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