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  1. Just saw this Harv. My condolences.
  2. Land yachts... those were the days. A sweet ride, Ernie!
  3. The engine on this kit is a gem. Most of it is together; some PE details to be added before I commence wiring.
  4. Thanks, Rob! Elmer's is just cheap white school glue.
  5. A little progress... Forward center section of the lower wing was cut out. I added some backing material, and some shims to fit the MDC insert. Some filling, sanding, and rescribing will be in order, but it's to be expected. Checking the fit of the upper wings. All appears good. I laid down a coat of Tamya XF-71 over Mr. Surfacer black on the main cockpit components. Detailing these areas will take a while - there's a lot there. I removed the mounting for the arrestor hook lock lever. I have to be in the right frame of mind to paint the details. Until I'm ready, I've started on the engine. I used Elmer's to mask areas to be cemented. Cylinder heads were sprayed with MM Metalizer Aluminum. I'll follow that with a black wash to show some detail. Crankcase will be a 50/50 mix of IJN Gray and RLM 65. I've added some tiny Eduard PE details from their A6M5 engine set. They're tacked with white glue. Once dry, I'll CA them in place.
  6. I saw that Doyusha had the old Willow trainers on display, too.
  7. The openings for the machine guns creates a very delicate piece hanging in space. Clumsy me is virtually guaranteed to snap that off at some point; Tamiya provides gun troughs which will strengthen the part in this area. Aotake (Model Master enamel) sprayed... Now for the cut to remove the tail... The cut follows panel lines, and isn't the easiest thing to do. Both sides cut and resin plug fitted. Still some tweaking, and it will take some filler, but I'm not displeased.
  8. My shelf space is at a premium; the Lancaster, regardless of manufacturer, is way too big for me. I'm saving that space for a B-24.
  9. Looking good so far, Peter! For future reference, you can slice a Flexi-File ribbon lengthwise; it's perfect for sanding things like those hand holds.
  10. Too early to tell, but I'm going on that assumption!
  11. Here we go... For me, the first cut on an expensive kit is the hardest. There was obvious interference between the fuselage and the Aires cockpit; the first thing that had to go was the molded in mount for the throttle quadrant. The fit, after removal, is still too tight...
  12. My first "official" WIP thread here. Be forewarned - my build rate makes glaciers appear speedy! The base kit is Tamiya's A6M2 Zero. A beauty of a kit in itself, but I already have the A6M5 - and there's just something about floatplanes... I'll be using the Rufe Conversion set from Model Design Construction. The set includes a replacement rudder/ tailfin, solid resin floats and pylon in addition to various fuselage mods to replace the arrestor hook. A short spinner is also included. The casting on these parts is remarkable! I also bought the Aires A6M2 cockpit. Lots of detail; it remains to be seen how well it will fit in the Tamiya fuselage. Here is a shot of the main pieces from the Aires set, side by side with the kit parts (Aires parts are on the left). I'm undecided on the seat at this point. I can go with the Tamiya part, or use the seat from a CMK A6M5 set with molded in harness. The CMK set also included some very delicately molded flaps; I'll have to see if they'll fit on the A6M2. The only other thing I could want for this kit is a set of REXx exhausts, but I can't find any in stock.
  13. I think that leaving the PE on the fret while you thread material is the single best tip for working with harnesses!
  14. A little light on armor this year, which really surprised me.
  15. My local club held their show and contest yesterday. Some very impressive builds; only eight planes of large scale showed up, and six of them were mine. I took home three firsts and a second! 1/32 WNW Fokker E.III (Late) First place in the biplane and rigged category. 1/32 Hasegawa Ki-84. First place in large scale props. 1/32 Tamiya F4J. First place in large scale jets. 1/32 Hasegawa N1K2-J. Second place in large scale props. I have plenty of pics of other entries if anyone is interested!
  16. That engine looks superb, Peter. I'm looking forward to seeing your build!
  17. I'm sure someone, somewhere is brushing up on their impersonations...
  18. Nicely done. I can't wait to see some color on it!
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