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Fiat CR.42 „Falco” 1:32 ICM

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Hello! Here is another model that landed in my workshop, the first one because in such a large for me scale 1:32. And the hero that landed in the workshop is Fiat CR.42 "Falco" in the already mentioned scale 1:32 from the company ICM. 32020. In the box we find 6 frames of grey plastic and one transparent, a decal and a manual with two variants of camouflage. On the frames the manufacturer has placed a whole range of accessories for building various versions of the "Falco", which is included in the ICM offer. Returning to the mouldings, ICM has included different surfaces on the model, so where the surface is covered with sheet metal it is smooth, and where it is covered with canvas, apart from the realistic reflection of the canvas deflection it also has a different surface texture corresponding to that of the canvas. ICM has also included in the instructions a template for making masks for the windshield, but I will write about it later when I am at that stage of building the Fiat. ICM has also released a very nice supplement not only for "Falco" in the form of a set of Italian pilot figures, which will also fit other models of Italian aviation.  I'm going to use following extras while building my model:

Eduard 33979

Eduard 33271 seatbelts.

Yahu models YMA3267 instrument panel

CMK 5141 main wheels - ordered and waiting for delivery.








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The introduction has been made so it is time to show that something is going on with the model. After putting it to the plans this "Falco" fits perfectly, but it lacks riveting and I have to mark some dividing lines and also some flaps. Some of the riveting and marking out I did on the fuselage before making the interior, it's just easier for me.





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I have enriched the interior of the cabin with plates from EDUARD, the only problem was the position of the step in the cabin because the manual does not specify its exact location. I have helped myself with some documentation including photos found on the net and I have assembled the left panel with the floor and in this way I have placed the step on the left side. 

Cabin interior parts waiting for processing.

And partially glued parts waiting for primer.




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Very nice work on a seemingly great kit. I haven't build an ICM kit yet, but have the Gladiator in my pipeline along with the ICM Cobra in it's Special Hobby boxing.
I'm looking forward to your progress with the Falco.

Cheers Rob

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I laid the primer and then continued the work. I wanted to make natural looking exposition marks in the cockpit, so I painted the places where there would be bruises and scuffs in the same color as the primer and then applied a coat of hairspray and then the base color for the interior. I used the hairspray so that the base color could be easily used to make paint chips on used surfaces.



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The EDUADR kit comes with tinted pilot stripes that you have to ink yourself on the reverse side. I have to paint them on the other side so that after forming I don't have a bare sheet of metal. The seat cushion is a bit more fun as I had to glue it with a piece of plastic to the right thickness and then, like with the belts, also retouch it with the right color. Such a small detail but how happy.




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The cockpit equipment continues. After the belts it is time for the clocks. I have got not only the company kit but also the EDUARD plate and YAHU Models kit. I have chosen YAHU kit and added some EDUARD parts to it. Now I am putting everything together.




postscript. Thanks a lot for the kind reception and I will be presenting my large scale works here. Fiat CR.42 is my first model in this scale, but not the first model I built. My English is based on translator so please forgive my spelling.

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Work in the cockpit is almost finished, I have added missing cables and wires. With the clocks I made the base from YAHU and added some elements from EDUARD sheet. I also made the sight glass. Now I have to close the fuselage and start further construction.








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