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Desert Spitty

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Ok, waiting on the 190 hgw decals, I decided another old sod build. A desert Mk IV Spit. Started this year's ago. Our old friend Deric Bradshaw had a small AM business and I got this beautiful little centerline bomb rack from him . But I screwed the pooch on drilling the mounting holes. Well I gave up on it. But I decided to take a look at it and see if I can start back on it. So it begins....harv



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13 hours ago, harv said:

Ok, a little start. Not going nuts on the engine.  May not even paid it. Not going to be seen. But fun to glue parts !.....harv


Well, better hide it if this is supposed to be a RR Merlin ;)


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I'm pretty lucky in that my studio and hobby room are in the house and I have my paint booth in there as well. When I air brush, the paint booth is ducted to the outside through the window. When done, all comes in - takes a bit of work to set up and break down but for me, it works well and keeps peace in the house.


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