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MH-60 Romeo 1/35

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Have this kit in the stash since kh stopt production.

I whas in luck to find one iff you whant this kit now prepare to pay 3 times the price.

Also i have some aftermarket for it.

About the markings no idee yet.

This will be another challenge because no color codes given for painting the intirior so google will save this.

So here is the box


In the box still all in the bags


After market so far



Thats it for now



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And of we go.

Starting with cockpit floor and other parts

the instructions call for a decal on the consol but i found the decals crap so lets try painting.

Now im also going on the hunt for after market decals for this one.





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On 1/13/2023 at 3:37 PM, Peterpools said:


Nice progress and glad KH's instructions under control



17 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Nice start Mark, why oh why do manufacturers screw up instructions. All they need to do is get five modellers to build the prototypes and amend where necessary and bam we are all happy…..


14 hours ago, ScottsGT said:

Well, it is Kitty Hawk.  As Ernie has mentioned, there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than we know about that KH was not happy with. 

Thank you all

and yes kh the had there problems but im so happy with some kits the have no other manufactere would bring them out.

Just take a look at the Mh-60 serie i also have there black hawk.

I hope someone wil release the kits


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so a few hours off fun with the kit

Eduard seat belts the are for another kit but hey for me it looks good.





About the markings for this one i will go for a Danish one

Didt some resaerch and i found out that i have notting to change because the have just upgrade there Romeos with the sonar launch system


Thats it for now



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