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1/16 Takom Willys 1/4 Ton 4x4 G503 MB Jeep

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Started on the 1/16 Takom Willys MB.  The plan is to add additional wiring for fuel & break lines and electrical as well as other detail.  

First started with adding opening that are on the actual frame.  Will be able to use this to show break line running down the side of the frame.  Next, I put the frame together.  I put it next to a 1/35 jeep I had completed a long time ago and it is amazing how much larger the 1/16 scale really is.  Per the instructions came part of the transmission.  Added a few details for the break spring resistance.  Added additional bolts and details to the break area.  At this point I decided to add the engine firewall drill out the holes for wiring/cabling.  I did it earlier than the instructions called for as I want to lay out the wiring/cabling (not gluing) before painting so I don't damage the paint.  The engine was next with additional bolts being added. Worked on the oil filter replacing the kit part with a scratch built one.  Also built from scratch a new oil filter holder.  A little surprised with the amount of detail in the kit this part was molded all as one with no openings.  That is all for now.



Added lightening holes.jpg


bolts added.jpg


break detail.jpg

Break detail added.jpg

bolt detail added.jpg

bolt detail 2.jpg

oil filter original part.jpg


Oil filter 1.jpg

oil filter support 2.jpg

oil filter and support.jpg

fire wall.jpg

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Worked on the .50 cal MG.  Got a metal barrel to replace the kit part along with other details.  Put together the MG tripod support and tested the fit.  Next was the air filter, the back of filter was open, that just bothered me, so I had to add the back.  More than likely no one will see as it is close to the firewall but I know it is there.  Added a splash plate and detail for the battery including support rods and metal tubing for the battery connections.  The front axle adding break lines and supports and guards on the wheels.  Detailed the carburetor adding supports for cabling and gas pedal.  I would have thought this would have been a good item for photo etch as it is very prominent in the engine.  That is it for now.




M2 Browning is brass barrel and photo etch parts.jpg


air filer open back.jpg

Actual air filter back.jpg

kit part modified.jpg

battery and support.jpg


front breaklines.jpg

carburator detail.jpg

carburator and gas pedal support.jpg

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Worked on several items.  

First is the tires.  Painted the rims olive drab and the inner part of the tire, tire  black.  Glued the tire halves together, removed the seam and painted remaining part of the tires.

Added detail to the rifle holder.  

Manual pump under the rear seat.

Tested the engine placement with the firewall.

Windshield wiper vacuum line detail added and replaced the adjustment (not sure what it is called) knob.   

Frame put together and painted.  Ready for more breakline detail

Painted the engine and started the weathering.  Next is additional oil filter lines and lines from the spark plugs.

More to come.


Tire painting.jpg

Tire seam.jpg






Engine test fitting 2.jpg

wiper detail.jpg

wiper vacuum lines added.jpg





Engine weathering 1.jpg

Engine weathering 2.jpg

Engine weathering 3.jpg

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Small update.  Added oil filter hoses, wiring from spark plugs to distributor, and fuel lines.  Not a lot to show but it was time consuming.  

That's it for tonight.



Engine hoses and fuel line right.jpg

Engine hoses and fuel line left.jpg

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Thank you. Need to apply some rust to the high heat areas.  

any suggestions on how to paint the .50 cal?  What colors?  Not sure due to the larger size if it would work the same as 35th scale. 

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