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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

TWIN GB , yay or nay ?

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2 hours ago, belugawhaleman said:

Whether you have the big Andy's 1/16 M10/Achilles or one in 1/35

(Tamiya shown) in your stash it would qualify as they were powered

by GM 6046...a twin diesel powerplant!



I've got both the Tamiya and the Andy's kits in the stash so there's another possibility.

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1 hour ago, PanzerWomble said:

For me - 6 months should be ample ...no prize needed other than a few "Attaboys". 

You saying this rigs it already.  You already said you're out?  trying to set us up, hmmmmmmmm?  :)

but to me, 6 months, unless you slowpokes need extra time?  

Martin, OK, you cause this to occur, you reap the rewards.   You will be GB Moderator here, LSM will supply a suitable twin engine prize to supply, and you will be responsible for picking winner. 

As LSM will, through me, is providing prize, all Mods can participate, except for myself, (as I always do)  will participate but not be eligible for awards.  Not that there is any danger of me even completing a GB. My completion rate is zilch.

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Remember Martin,  hehehe. That means YOU get to check, verify, organize, edit double oopsy posts, and to generally reduce my workload for the next six months.  (Why do I feel I just launched a cunning plan).  Mwahahahahahaha!

So when you would like to start this is up to you.  Personally, I think a year is WAAAY too long.  6 months seems to be the average attention span of the average GB,  what do y'all think?

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What do you mean "attention span" ? ................. 

25% sound great, many of us have started projects and this will be a great chance to move it 

6 months should work, Lets call the end day 3rd of July

So two independent propulsion units in one assembly, airplane, vehicle, boat, missile, horse carriage  etc..., counts as a entry. 

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Just took a look at my stash.  I think these are possibilities for me.  I've got pretty much all the aftermarket for each of them.  Any suggestions?  Hopefully I'll actually complete it in time unlike the water GB!







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