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Tiger I (Late Version), Schwere SS-Pz. Abt. 101, "112" (1/35 Tamiya)

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OK, I've had had this one in the stash for a while and I've got all the aftermarket goodies I need lined up so this seems like the logical candidate.  Plus, I really like Tigers.  This might expand into a diorama if I stay motivated.


This will be a a Tiger of Schwere SS Panzer Abteilung 101, operating in Normandy in June of '44, I'll try to depict as it looked during the fighting around Villers-Bocage.


I spent a few hours yesterday getting the hull together and applying the Eduard PE zimmerit.  I was surprised how easily this went on.  I used some GP household glue I picked up the local variety store and it worked out very well.






I wanted to the exhaust covers to look like they'd been beat up so I carved up the plastic with a razor knife and then applied lead foil over the top.  I'll probably use this same technique to ding up the fenders when I put them on as well.



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OK, the Tiger hasn't gotten any love recently so I pulled it off the shelf yesterday.  Just about ready for paint, I've used an RB metal barrel, Aber PE grill covers, brass tow hooks and some lead foil to make the side fenders look appropriately abused.









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That looks fantastic.  Its almost ashame to paint the barrell isnt it.?  It just looks good that natural metal! 


I was thinking the same thing, kind of interesting with all the different natural metal colors on there!  Alas, it's already received a coat of Mr. Surfacer black primer and the hull is now dark yellow, oh well!

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I'm happy to report that the Tiger project is not dead, it was just seriously stalled!  So the painting has begun, the base dark yellow is Tamiya, I originally sprayed some AK Interactive Olive Green and wasn't happy with the results (I don't like regular acrylic anymore with the exception of Tamiya paints) so I just shelved it for awhile.  Last week on a paint run to the the department store (which incidentally has a hobby department that kicks a**) I ran across a Gaia Notes German armor paint set.  If you don't live in Japan you've probably never heard of of Gaia Notes paint but it's very similar to Mr. Hobby acrylic lacquer, in fact I used Gunze Mr. Leveling Thinner to thin it down for spraying.  Went down like butter and was a pleasure to use, although much like Gunze it really needs to be thinned down good to airbrush it.  The camo is kind of a best guess composite of several photos of SS Pz. Abt. 101 photos in Normandy, any similarity to an actual Tiger is coincidental.  I'm pretty happy with the outcome and this has rekindled the mojo on this project so hopefully I'll have some more progress soon.









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This is going to be a "non-competitive" entry (well all mine are because I exclude myself from prizes! :D) but just wanted to use this GB as motivation to get this one finished up.  My friends at Photobucket unfortunately deleted all the WIP pics but I'll get some new ones up today.

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The weathering has begun!  Started off with a wash of W&N Burnt Umber artist oil, followed by dry-brushing.  This is my first attempt at chipping with dark brown applied with a sponge.  I was a little heavy handed and got more than I really wanted but all in all not horrible for my first effort.  Also used some AKI mud and engine grime and rust streaks.  Still need to apply some mud pigments and more details but it's getting there.





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