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1:32 Hasegawa Bf109 G-14 RAF Farnborough

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At best a wild approximation.  Apparently when displayed at Farnborough in 1945, W.Nr. 415601 / VD358 had the armament and cockpit armour removed, and an open tailwheel bay.  The markings are no doubt incorrectly sized as they were gestimated from profile artwork - a dangerous kitchen...



No real idea how grubby she was, so erred on the cleaner side of "freshly painted in RAF colours..."











Big thanks to Mal Mayfield from Miracle Paint Masks  - Cheers, Mal: very much appreciated.












Thanks for looking.  Cheers, Ralph.

WIP http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/1465-132-hasegawa-bf109-g-14-farnborough/

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Great to see this one finished, would've been hard to hold back on the weathering I bet. I think a very realistic result and a unique scheme to boot..... well done!


I don't think I'll be up there when the show is on doh!



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Great work as usual Ralph! I really like it. I'm glad you picked it up and finished it as I recall that it was quite some time since you started it.



I know the Wnr is given as 415601 in a lot of sources but such a number did not exist. RAF had another G-14 at Farnborough that was 413601 but it was never repainted in RAF colors so that's not it either . A 465xxx range aircraft seems more likely IMHO. The number isn't repeated on the model so I guess it doesn't matter much. :-)


Cheers / Anders

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