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1/32 HK Models Mosquito B Mk.IV

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Hi All,


Here we go! Yet another Mosquito being build here on LSM while the kit is not even on the shelves yet.

This kit arrived wrapped in bubbles, no decals and no instructions. Got these in PDF from Jim to help me out, since I'm not big with puzzles.


Having already seen the sprues and kit at Telford the shock of all the slide mouldings wasn't big, but still impressive...


Borrowed a few Mossie books from Cees (since I'm not an RAF expert) and just bought an HGW Sutton harness.


My plan is to start with the instrument panel (some Airscale will help me out here) and see where I'll go from there!


Let the journey begin...






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Hi Gus,

I'm sure they will :)


Cut some plastic. Adding details to various areas. Added instrument housings to the back of the IP, wiring, etc.. Added some detail to control column with spare PE. Using Airscale decals and PE bezels to detail the instrument panel. I'll use HGW seatbelts. 





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Ok, made some progress n the pit this weekend.



- Airscale instruments

- Airscale bezels

- Airscale placards

- Lead wire and instrument housings from plastic rod

- HGW Sutton seatbelts


The pit construction is quite clever as you can see. The pit is assembled and slides into the one piece moulded outer fuselage.


The small discs on the inside of the pit are not ejector pin marks, but strengthening discs to accommodate instruments, wires, etc... (thnx Cees!)









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It's certainly coming on all right! 


(Never knew that the design of the tail wheel was to solve a "shimmy" problem! Why the hell don't supermarkets use this on their trolleys !!!!!)

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Hi Guys,


Sorry to have been so quiet over here! It's been busy at work, but this weekend managed to squeeze in some bench time.


Used chipping agent by spraying all the green parts a light green. Then darker green and chipped that layer. 








I'll add some additional wires to the engine.


Gear is Alclad followed by matt varnish and AMMO wash.





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