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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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Hi guys and gals,


The Mosquito is now finished, and all material submitted to Brett for publication in next month's Military Illustrated Modeller. 


A great kit to build. Pure fun, and no fussiness. Do yourself a favour...when this is released, buy it and share your work here.


Here's mine, complete with Miracle Masks markings:



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I want this so bad, but I'm holding out for the FB.VI/NF.II. Really want to do a Night Intruder.


Whilst I don't doubt this will happen, I don't know of any projected date for that one. 


Apart form this kit, HK are currently beavering away on the Lanc, with the Do 335A being possibly the next release.


.....so, do it...succumb to your inner voice and treat yourself ;)

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Stunning, stunning, stunning. I said to Jim that's this is the first model where I'm fascinated more by the underside that the top ! And that's not to do a disservice to the upper sides.


Can't wait to have these on my shelves !!!

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