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Do-335 B-2 V13 (RP+UP)

Dave J

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Here is my build for the GB..


Do-335 B-2 V13 (RP+UP)






Not sure what Aftermarket I am going to add just yet...


But I will be adding the following for sure -


Brassin Wheels

Brassin Exhuasts

HGW Harness

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Wow, this is an old one! And very odd, as I was talking to another member here about it on Facebook Chat only a couple of days ago.

Yes and no...

The kit is pretty much built. But somehow during the process, I stuff up the front engine mount and the front engine cowl isn't sitting flush with the next pan panel. So I have this wedge-shaped gap showing. I stuck it to the side to figure out what I did right, but haven't touched it since. Maybe I should pull out and finish it!

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On 1/15/2019 at 3:14 AM, Clunkmeister said:

Finish it, Dave. Then the rest of us will look closer at our SOD overfloweth....

I am looking at hitting it next, once I have the Tankette completed.

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