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Reno first of firsts...

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Trumpeter's 1/32 -2 Bearcat painted up as the first winner of the first Reno Nationals
Unlimited division (winner on points, not top speed) in 1964. I added a few little things
(antenna, ventral light, headrest) and did what I could to reshape the front of the cowling
as it didn't look quite right (as has been discussed).
Replaced the exhausts with scratch as the kit parts seemed rather enemic to me.
Other than that it's pretty straight forward. As a first for me, I created the decals as
vector images in Illustrator learning how to use it as I went (thanks Youtube).
Printed on an Alps although no white underlayer was needed for the obvious reason.

Pilot Mira Slovak (a cool guy)



















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This is by far my favorite Bearcat racer. Sure, Rare Bear is all dominant, but Mira Slovak in an all white Smirnoff Bearcat? Ohhh, it doesn’t get any better than this! 

I put Mira Slovak right up there with Janusz Żurakowski when it comes to influential Aviators that moved here after the war.

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