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Wingnut Wings Felixstowe

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Wow, that's what I call a big bird. Lots of rigging and decaling involved, it seems. The Felixstowe is one of these models, which makes you wanting it. Only the enormous wingspan kept me from hitting the buy-button. Yours is looking greatly, even if my favourite would have been the black and white razzle-dazzle sheme, supplied with the early type.

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Yes, I used a sea of aftermarket Pheon decals to finish mine, just to be different. Thanks for the nice comments. It is a HUGE wingspan, but if you rig with monofilament line, it’s remarkably strong when completed.

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On 8/19/2018 at 5:44 PM, MARU 5137 said:



I haven't seen this before have I.  It's one HELLUVA BEAUTY..


Bravo ..:thumbsup2:

Thanks, Maru.

It’s an average build of a brilliant kit. This is one of those rare kits that makes a modeler look better than he actually is.

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45 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Ernie, what rigging manufacturer did you use. It also looks you added whoever’s turnbuckles??


I used a combination of Gaspatch,  RB, and Bob’s Buckles. Mostly Gaspatch in the visible areas because they’re very 3D.

I used 2 lb Maxima monofilament line for all structural rigging, and EZ Line for control lines to the tail.

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Ernie, i missed this build and end result due to problems ( logging in to another forum). That said, i'm just stunned by the shear quality and superb work that's been done by you mate.:151_41_44_712.06380630013627764 I'm a all-time WNW fan, in special the Felixstowe, and if i see such a build my heart just bleeds mate. Not because of the quality of your splendid work but by the fact that i don't have room to put such a beast.B)



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