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Hasegawa F4B-4 UPDATE: 9/22/18: UNDERWAY

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Finally my large scale mojo is returning and wanting to keep the juices flowing, I decided it was time to embark on my two entries for the 2019 IPMS Mosquitocon this April. For the past two years, I've failed to finish and enter but this year, I'm determined. My plan is simple and with a heap of luck, I just might finish both entries. I've changed my mind so many times as what to build, I've lost count but I'm ready and both kits are right by the bench. The Boeing F4B-4 is project number one and when done, I'll dive into build entry number two: the Lukgraph Boeing F3B-3 (I'm constantly flip flopping on the Lukgraph kit as well – but it looks like the this one should be it).

The Golden Years between the Wars is my favorite period of aviation and it's time to get cracking as I have been accumulating kits from this year for a very long time.

My build plan is going to be pretty straight forward, update the kit with out slicing and dicing and concentrate on the overall details and go for the finish.

The Hit List:

The Front Office: what's in the kit was good by 10970 standards but by today's standards: blah at best.

The Neomega engine set will replace the kit's Pratt & Whitney R-1340-16 engine, which is on par with the front office.

The gear will need an upgrade and some details

Not sure about re-working the control surfaces yet

I'm also out to lunch on how to handle the wing ribs detail.

Flying wires will be s/s piano wire – which is just fine with me.

Yellow Wing Decals

Mr Color and MRP paints

Well that's the plan and just a few of the normal intro photos and I'm underway.

reference: Carrier Fighters by J.V. Mizrahi : I bought the soft cover book in 1971 and have treasured it all these years.

Two builds I followed on LSP


Thanks for checking in







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On 8/31/2018 at 5:31 PM, Peterpools said:


Re-thinking your suggestion and sent Mike at Lone Star an email asking if there was a way of obtaining the casting a lot faster then the 4-6 week time frame, as it will set em too far back.


naw, Peter, no worries, just stay up late at night..................... who needs sleep :wacko:  I will follow along as well, now that I know we are all here...

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Took the plunge and ordered the Lone Star Cockpit Set and now I wait. Working on the lower wings and hopefully an update this weekend.

So far, looking at the AM that has arrived and still on order, I’ve more then tripled the cost if the kit.

Could this be the early signs of insanity?

Peter :banned:

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Apologies Peter for hijacking your thread, 

i was looking at the spruces, are there only two, are you allowed under the rules to add AM, cockpit etc etc, never had the nerve to enter competitions so a little fuzzy on the rules...I remeber when you did your drop dead gorgeous Mossie, that had to be OOB, if I remember correctly........

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