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Trumpeter 1/32 A1-H Skyraider "Toilet Bomber"

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Hello everyone, as a first timer here, I like to start by showing some of my recent works, strictly in 1/32 scale. The Skyraider has always had a perverse charm on me, since I bought my first Airfix in 1/72. The subject in question (and its story, then ..did the rest :). Few updates, the good quality of the plastic, the general shape that matches with the real subject better than that of other brands ... not forgetting, however, to add a red-painted bomb tail to the toilet) and the beast is ready for occupy a lot of space. Hope you like it. N.

















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5 hours ago, DocRob said:

The beast looks like a tractor and you did everything to support that look. Nice peace of used metal though. I like your worn leather technique for the headrest.

Cheers Rob

Thanks Rob! Certainly the Skyraider had a "lived" aspect. in the case of my work I must admit that I have accentuated this aspect, compared to what the few existing photos of 572 can show. one of the most complicated aspects of this work was ... the construction of the toilet. the Brengun kit, in fact, does not provide the fake bomb tail that the gunmen jokingly stared at the false bomb! a couple of photos given to me by my dear friend Roy Sutherland, have swept away my doubts about it; the toilet had a tail ... and it was red! LOL. the worn look of the headrest is the simple result of two dry brushing on two shades of brown / flesh, pointing the worn edges with the Vallejo Model Colors light flesh tone. 

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Beautiful work. Any chance you would want to sale the Skyraider or maybe I could commission one. I would like to get this for my mom. It is her father who is flying that plane. CDR. C.W Stoddard dropped  the infamous toilet bomb, it was dropped celebrating the 6 millionth pound of ordnance dropped over Vietnam. 


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