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RR Spey powered RAF Phantom conversion


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3 hours ago, Wingco57 said:

It’s beginning to look a lot like....... a British Toom.

Still need to adress the gap between the cans and tail.



Oh my word!  I am in love....who did your reheat cans? They look stunning!  Am I able to order a set....somehow??  

Keep up the great work, I am loving having another Brit Toom build on the 'net' great stuff!

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The cans have been sprayed in a black basecolour. Some faint traces of the printing process but some light sanding should eradicate that.

Testfitting the tailplanes, it’s certainly begins to look like a Toom. Some more work is needed on the area between the cans.



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3 hours ago, Wingco57 said:

First coat of dark ocean grey applied. There are some irregularities but not much considering that this is a frankentoom. I am quite happy how it looks. I also got the Vulcan cannon as this was a regular fit in the RAF.









Well mate, it's hard to see any irregularities from my screen!  Looks splendid!

I really like how you did those Aux doors on the flanks of the engine sides, they really came up well.  Considering the surgery involves, I am totally impressed at the results you have achieved.  Thanks for the inspiration for me to keep plugging away on mine!!

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12 hours ago, Wingco57 said:

Nope, it's Ocean Grey that serves as an undercoat. The EDSG will go on top of that. But will concentrate on the underside first.

Aaah ok, well hurry up then...:D

Just discovered that those 2 access panels on the RWR fintip are only on the left side...after I just put them on the right hand side!  Ugh.... dont make my mistake.  I have filled them with CA now LOL

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