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Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair 'White 15'

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My first post here. I build 1/32 scale now, had to move up from 1/48th due to age & eyes. Primarily build German subjects, my first completed allied aircraft in many years. 

Here is my recently completed Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair in the markings of the 2nd Daphne C flown by Capt. James Cupp, BuNo 03829, White 15.

Excellent kit, everything just 'clicks' together & the detail is amazing.

Aftermarket used;

Barracuda cockpit placards, main wheels, early engine upgrade & 'Daphne C' decal.

Eduard Cowling & fabric seat belts.

HGW wet transfer placard decals.

Maketar masks for the national insignia & white 15.

Yahu instrument panel.

True Details US parachute.

Changes/additions made; eliminated the balance tabs on the ailerons, they were not installed on the Birdcage Corsairs. Added extra wiring, ducts, oxygen hose, added detail to the seat mount in the cockpit and added canopy lock handles. Added spark plugs, wiring & oil lines to the engine. Added cowl flaps cable to the Eduard cowling flaps. Added plumbing to the landing gear wells. Added machine gun barrels to the wings, odd that Tamiya doesn't include those. Added antenna, spring & insulators.

Painted using MRP for the lower & Xtracolor for the upper color. Preshaded slightly, used panel line wash & pastels for weathering/post shading.

I don't own a camera, so just have cell phone photos, some with flash & some without. Flash tends to wash out the colors. Haven't seen the sun here in days, so outside photos are not an option.


Thanks for looking & all comments welcome.



Corsair 1.jpg

Corsair 2.jpg

Corsair 3.jpg

Corsair 7.jpg

Corsair 11.jpg

Corsair 5.jpg

Corsair 6.jpg

Corsair 17.jpg

Corsair 21.jpg

Corsair 22.jpg

Corsair 9.jpg

Corsair 23.jpg

Corsair 14.jpg

Corsair 16.jpg

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