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North American Harvard of 20 SFTS S Rhodesia 1944


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About 2 years ago the lovely Hubert generously sent me a KH kit of the T-6/Harvard.  With a couple of slight diversions en route, the Harvard is now finished.  It represents AJ617, one flown by my father on several occasions, but sadly I can't reconcile that serial number with the trainer number of 98 displayed so prominently on the wings and fuselage sides, so there's a bit of licence there.  I know 98 is an older, ie early delivery, Harvard simply by virtue of its yellow colour and as such will likely be in the AJ range, later ones were NMF and EX coded.  She is shown in these remarkable colour pictures leading a "balbo" of Harvards over Southern Rhodesian:



and my attempt at re-creating AJ617:




Thank you Hubert, you really are a good guy! :)


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Sweet, I like the in flight display a lot and the yellow paintjob is eye candy. Is this a pre printed prop blur? I will build mine as a Portuguese one from Angola and it will be a present to a friend who is Portuguese, but born there. 

Cheers Rob

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Thank you all for your kind comments, they are very much appreciated. I have an ambition to build a Mk I based on the KH kit though it will be quite a complicated build with many changes. Derek Buckmaster in Oz is working, albeit slowly, on a Wirraway so as this evolves I’m hoping to use some of his expertise and parts! That’s all a long way off though. 

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My father learnt to fly in one of those in Terrel, Texas, then 1 BFTS, in 1944. I'd give me eye-teeth for one of those well modelled in his colours. (pics available). I was never able to establish the colour scheme, which looks to be fairly unadorned factory finish with USAF markings. I have been unable to research the markings under the wing, and the only pictures I have are tinted black and white..

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2 hours ago, Fidd88 said:

Interesting registration letters too, iirc "AJ" was the wartime squadron code for "617" Sqn of Dam-Busters fame? - AJ617?

There’s a difference between squadron codes and serial numbers, I can assure you that the AJ serial range was applied to many Harvards. 

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