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1/32 Scale Diarama's


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Hello Folks,

I have just rec'd my registration email - Hello to you all.... So i guess , I'm the newbie around here...

I have returned to modelling over the past 12 mths after many years, and I am amazed at how much things have moved on and progressed. I now have taken the big step and purchased the 1/32 HKM Lanc. It has been staring at me from the box for many weeks now and I have scoured the net for advice and tips. This site / forum has been v.helpful , along with Nigels bench and other channels on YT.

My intention is to complete a diarama but have found the scale not only daunting but the lack of vehicles such as bomb trolleys , tractors / tugs  kitty ambulance / truck and figures. There does seem to be a huge difference in the market availability when going down the 1/32 route.

Scalemates , I find very helpful , but would like to know if there are other sites , 3D printer folks that can help. I would just like to hear your experiences of the 1/32 scale. Or Is it just accepted that if you are not the greatest of a scratch builder , then 1/35 scale is the way to go for diarama additions ?? And having to grin and bear it ?

I am so much looking forward to the build and the many months it will take ....

Any comments or pointers would be extremely helpful...

regards... Curly...

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Welcome Curly ! I know squat about dios and scale vehicles,  there are many friendly, knowledgeable members here and given some time. I'm sure the will chim in. I think you will find this forum a very helpful friendly place. Look forward to your build here.......harv :1051927712:

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First, welcome aboard Curly. It’s a nice place here, that stays friendly, unlike some other places ....

For your Lanc diorama, I’d start by looking at Iconicair’s releases. It’s a sponsor here, and GrahamF, the man behind Iconicair, a member here as well.

You should have a look at Fmeerk’s refueling truck conversion on this site. Another great inspiration.


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I too am intending to build a diorama for my 32nd Lancaster.

Although there are very few 32nd vehicle kits there are a few in 35th. 

The Bedford QL I plan to use as a crew transport, the OIL bowser I scratch built, the 'Tilly' I converted from an Austin to a Hillman.

In the photo you can see a scratch built Nissen hut in 32nd as well as a couple of engine trestles and some wheel chocks.

I also have the 32nd Iconicair trolley acc. as yet to be built but I did scratch a pneumatic trolley for set dressing.


This is the last photo of the 35th AEC 4 x 4 conversion to a 6 x 6 refueller tanker, my mojo has dipped for the time being


One reason for starting all these before the Lancaster is because as the Lancaster needs a lot of modifications, I suspect that my mojo would fail me and I probably couldn;t be bothered to build them later so tried to get them done first.

I am also considering building a couple of bomb trolleys as I have just sought an item of witch to cast wheels . . . .

Good luck with your diorama plans


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Folks ,

Many thanks for the welcome , and also many thanks for those who have been so kind to offer up some advice and links. It's nice to know that there are people who are willing to share knowledge and experience rather than those who prescribe to the sink or swim mantra.

Just to explain, I do have many work and family committments , as do many of us , so being AFK does and will happpen on a regular basis. So , if I don't respond straightaway please don't take offence.

So onto the HKM Lanc' . I have started compiling and buying some PE and improvements and the diorama ideas posted are a great help ... tyvm.. I have yet to remove the sellaphane from the first sprues and actually start the build. So judging quality of build is abit difficult and unjustified. But, I am somewhat surprised at the amount of negative posts and reviews that this kit has rec'd. I am honestly somewhat concerned that HKM have produced a kit that has some glaring issues. Also , the amount of correctional work for accuracy to history seems to be rather extensive. Particularly when one considers the cost.

I have seen YT video and posts where folk have basically stopped the build because of quality of accuracy , finish , or manufacturing failures such as many EPM and poor fit. Please don't think that I would expect the box to open and the beast falls together but there are issues without a doubt. I know from reading posts here at LSM that there has been a few builds by members...

Any thoughts ??


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I do not own the HKM Lanc, when it was first released, I studied the sprue shots and was not impressed considering the high cost of the kit, I decided to wait for the Wingnut kit, which is quoted by them to be as far below $400 USD as possible. When I saw the kit at the nationals, I was very impressed. 

As for the HKM, I had several chances to look at and fondle the parts, there are definitely issues, and the amount of work required to correct some, is not my cup o tea. But, the kit is not trash, nor is it unbuildable, I just chose to wait for the one that I prefer. If you have seen Ernie’s lanc, it’s possible to build a very nice model.  And in reality, they can be built as is, OOB. 

And as far as accessories, iconair just announced a tractor and bomb carts for the Lanc yesterday.

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