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Panther D Kursk 1943 [ Dragon 6299]

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Hello everyone

So for reference, I would take the Panther D # 433 of the Panzer Abteilung 51 Kursk 1943 for some details!
But in the end it will be the 445 of the Grobdeutschland which was in Karachev also in 1943!
My reference photos are not many but I would do it with!






For the beginnings of this montage, I started with the foundry effect that remains subtle on the Panther compare to heavy tanks as for the Jagtiger!

  I removed the little piece of plastic that simulated the hook of the maintenance of the shell loading door, by that of the kit Voyager model!


Let's stay on the turret with the loading hatch to which, and seeing that it will be open, improve the closing system that will be, seeing!
It will not mount immediately because it will be painted before it is glued!

the racks of the right and left edge lot, a sacred experience of patience with the number of pieces that compose them! It will remain the holding pins to put!


Front part of the Panther with the carters! For these, I wanted to make them damage like the reference photo seen from the front!


Still for the casings, there are 2 reinforcements at right angles which were taken on the chassis for more solidity!


The tube was not bad in its kind!

It will remain to put the link chain which will itself be welded to the tube and connected to the clasp (it will remain open)!
The tube supports are not welded because I have to adjust their locations!

[dscn0528]  [dscn0533]  
I added on the fans the hooks that allowed the holding of these with photo-cut pieces!

in the next picture, we can see them!


The sequel is the design of smoke spears!
I can tell you, that I had a dog trouble doing them (especially the trigger cables with the means of the board)!


Otherwise, to finish the turret, I made the weld seams on the rear skirt in magic sculp!


here are some general pictures of my progress back!
You will notice, that the two covers on the engine hatch have undergone a transformation!
The original handles had been modified and those on almost all the Panther D on Kursk by handles bet outwards!
Place to the tofs!
The taillights!

One of the two supports which is at the back with its pin!


The back boxes !!

I am currently on those! There is still a little work on it!


The road chair!

I retrieved an old road chair from the Griffon Model (my favorite brand) to which I scoured the paint and entirely
boned to refit it!
The maintenance chain is the Voyager kit!
Rest the handle and it will be finished!

Here is the extinguisher redone and that looks a lot like the real ones of the time!


For the continuation and the end of the welding, I embellished the shürzen supports supplied with the PE Voyager!
And in terms of time, you really had to take it! Around 5 hours to make 14 in total!
I show you the plans and you will understand better why and how!


Otherwise I started making two boxes (one wooden / one steel) with plastic card that comes from the sim card holders!
These will go above the extractors in the back on their supports!


Here are the pictures (without the caterpillar because I'll put the one from Friul when they will be ok to answer me for my order) to give you like even a preview where I am made!
There are many pieces that are set to white!

[dscn0624]  [dscn0626]  [dscn0625]  


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Thank Ryan . 

no worries i'll do it in tutorial.


  - 1 toothbrush
  - 1 old brush
  - sandpaper of 400
  - Mr Surfacer 500


1) The application!
For example, I took the back of the turret panther g demonstration!


For the application: make successive passes, but light so as not to "wrap" and thus have extra thickness on your support!


2) Then take the toothbrush and tap it until you see any flaws that form and as soon as it is good to stop!


You must have this !!


3) With 400 sandpaper, always sand with a rotating motion !!


You must get this!


4) For the continuation we will pass of Mr. Surfacer 500 by here, by there, to reinforce the aspect (but always with a light layer) and to tap immediately with the toothbrush the surfaced zones !!



Iron the toothbrush and before the product has dried (5 min) !!
Pass the sandpaper 400 with and always rotate, and sand until the result is smooth to the touch, and uniform  !!!
That's the end result after my explanations;) !!



here !!!







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As stipulated on another forum.

It's not my day [mad] [mad] .
I dropped my 2TB external hard drive with my photos. He is dead [frown][bawl][bawl]...
I had all the models and family photos..
I will put pictures that I had of an SD card I will put the few photos that I have with an SD card and explanations of the best possible.
I'm sorry the friends and confused.

First of all, I degreased all the alcohol parts at 90 °!
Then, I spent my coat of primer!

[dscn0710]  [dscn0639]  [dscn0638] 

After 24 hours of complete drying, I spent on all my subsets the Dunkelgelb RC060!

[dscn0711]  [dscn0712]  [dscn0640] 

Once done, I represented the camouflage in two steps!

First pass with RC049!


Then in the second pass, I spent the RC054 to fade this green too flashy!


Here is the result in pictures where I am!



Otherwise here is a good part of aging made with different AK products and Abteilung oils to get where I am!
I'm sorry I can not develop aging in pictures because there were a lot of steps .[4633] [4633] [4633] [4633] 




Good! This is where I am now .


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