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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

A day off, alone, nowhere to be, your current build on the bench, how do you feel?

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The title question is the question.

As for me, I awoke thinking it yesterday and I was late for my session and nearly ordered an Uber. I had already begin working on my build when suddenly, "hang on, it's Tuesday!"

Ah that blessed feeling of having nothing I must do, nowhere to be, nobody to answer to, and I can sit and play my hobby. Bliss!

How do you feel?

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Just came off of a few days off from work. took last Thursday, Friday and Monday.  Unfortunately, TH & FR was to move mom's apartment into storage since her health now has her in a skilled care facility (nursing home).  I ached and hurt so bad Sat & Sun I could barley move from the recliner (Hey, it was a total of 10.7 miles of walking both days between apartment and truck, with all the bending, stooping and picking up boxes along the way) and Monday I had to accompany the wife to minor surgery.

Sometimes I forget I have a project I can spend time on, or I either dread getting started on one only to get a phone call and pulled away.  My mind is now starting to ease up some with Mom in the nursing home. I was afraid to burn leave time if I had an emergency and had to move her.  I guess I was thinking this all wrong and  was thinking I had to take vacation time, but I got to use Family sick leave. 


Forgot where I was going with this....

But looking forward to taking some time off now and then just for build days.  Did it years ago.  I need to do it more often and tell the wife less travel.

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Dec 14 the trouble began;

Planer jointer seized a bearing.

2 x Belt sanders crapped out.

My Big Unit ( 30" Digital printer) stopped printing from one head.

These 4 items simultaneously ceasing to work sent the production lineup into a catastrophic ( well maybe not ) death spiral.

Diagnosis on the printer took longest.

Parts are ordered.

I feel nothing but the elation that the  correct diagnosis and availability of parts can give.

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Go to bed early and get plenty of sleep, then rise early and have a nice breakfast and arrive at your booking relaxed and ready to go.

Or continue doing whatever it is you might have started during the three hours it was before I saw your post. I don't want to interrupt you if you're on a roll.

Which I may have just done. Oh well, nothing for it but to knock off early and go to bed.

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