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ICM Gloster Gladiator Mk. I

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This was really a nice build and though the Gladiator is certainly not my favourite biplane - I much more prefer the Gauntlet - as soon as I had purchased it in December I had to start with it.  I nearly - apart from some small additions including strenghening of the undercarriage and adding more dihedral to the lower wing - as I had for both the concern of being too weak and sagging after completion - built it out of the box. The sutton harness was DIY as are the cockpit hatches, the starter crank and the rigging. Here pre-stretched clear plastic strips from old school binders came to use as they perfectly straighten after fixing when a heat source is placed nearby for a second time. As I love silver wings and was relieved that all metal panels were painted aluminium with the Gladiator I chose K6130 - the second production aircraft as it flew with 72 Sqn. This was the Flight Commanders (A-Flight?) aircraft, hence the red tail sections. The wing guns were intentionally omissed as my referrence foto showed them not to be installed at least during the foto-session. I might add the note that the exhaust collector ring was painted with several layers of silver, burnt iron and Klear in succession, including some patches of clear blue to give the impression of that heat resistant steel. Panel lines and main part of weathering were made primarily with a Faber Castell PITT artist Pen No. 117 walnut brown. Except small stencils no decals were used. Humbroln MET191 was used for the silver dope.Enjoy


Cheers Joachim







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Like you, I had not much love for the Gladiator, but then I saw yours. The way you painted and weathered the surfaces looks amazingly right, love the tone of the silver doped surfaces. When you look for the other materials depicted, they look equally convincing like the wheels and cowling.
The rigging (I try to avoid flat rigging wherever possible) is a beautiful addition for the eye.
You may not convinced me to buy one, but I had a lot of fun watching yours ;).

Cheers Rob

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