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  1. Excellent Work Ralph.. just superb!!!. Rich photos too. Tim
  2. Thanks Rossco. Agreed.. it was definitely a workhorse.. some really interesting RNZAF schemes to do.. I agree with you on the classic OD/NG P-40... the white tail is a bonus. Gotta do a sharkmouth scheme one of these days. Possibilities! Tim
  3. Great finish. Congrats! I gotta start building some of these kits. Tim edit - sorry Jon, forgot I'd already commented in the GB section!
  4. Excellent Jon. wow ! Paint chipping looks superb. Tim
  5. Great project Rossco. I'm watching with interest. cheers, Tim
  6. Hahahahaha!! Very fine suggestion :D This will result in a definite list to starboard! :D
  7. Thank you gentleman and I enjoyed the entertaining/informative hijack myself! Tim
  8. Thanks Paul. Haha it definitely sounds very plausible to me! Tim
  9. No probs Erik - glad to hear this build was useful ! I'll add some pics to the finished build section. Gotta get some better pics Tim
  10. Fantastic pics - the last one really puts the Lanc's size in perspective! cheers, Tim
  11. Well.. as I mentioned, the progress has slowed. Now - I think I'm *almost* *just about* *doors closing - all stock must go* *crazy bargains- never to be repeated* done with this. Still not sure on the aerial wire configuration - apparently this varied a lot for P-40s, depending on radio type etc, but it does seem the 44th aircraft had the 3 aerial wires (from fuselage, port and starboard wings to the fin) (note- the appropriate use of port and starboard) I'm paranoid about overdoing the weathering, so I've added further chipping and exhaust stains..but not too crazy.. So I will add the extra aerial wiring and call it done.. then post final pics.. Here are some interim pics.. All feedback welcome. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Tim
  12. Hi Rodney, welcome. I'm also building the Tamiya Mk. VIII at the moment, using the Eduard Spitfire Mk. VIII exterior set (32664), WIP build is here in the Pacific War Group Build. I guess this exterior set is included in the Big Ed. It's quite nice and adds some detail. Rolls Royce labels for the Merlin is the best bit so far! Of course the Tamiya kit is so beautiful adding ALL the Eduard bits is optional. It's really up to you. I think that some kits 'need' aftermarket to establish a reasonable level of detail, but for the Tamiya kit it's just icing on the cake. As Erik said - the main thing is - enjoy. cheers, Tim
  13. Thanks Mike... this one is nearly done but trust me - it'll be slow going on the next build. I've resprayed the stars on the roundels - problem fixed. Tim
  14. Great results there, Ralph. It's looking fantastic. cheers, Tim
  15. Thanks Dave! lots of good lessons on this build to apply to the Spit. Tim
  16. Excellent work - it looks fantastic. Welcome . Tim
  17. Thanks Mike I'm trying to get the basics right - nothing too fancy - if I can do this it should fall into place. Thanks Jamme! Much appreciated - it has turned out better than I expected Thanks Paulo! Your D-9 is a much tougher project than my one Tim
  18. Wohoo... ! I think I'm done. - matt coat applied and canopy masks removed - Aerial wire added (human hair) - will see how this holds up. - paint chipping with silver pencil. (just a tad) Some preview pics before I post in the finished builds section. I'll need to do the 'photo shoot' - see if I can manage something better than the ones below (taken with a point-and-shoot digital, as with all the photos so far). Thanks all for the support and encouragement along the way. It's been a blast so far. Any final comments are more than welcome! Tim
  19. Firstly, to recap, a HUGE thanks to Dave J for the decals . Dave - this one's for you. Slow slow progress.. and sorry for the drip feed...hopefully some progress is better than none ? Lucky we have 12 months for the GB... however.. the Fw 190 A-8 (Focke-Wulf GB) and P-40M are basically complete (pending final photos and finishing touches). This means more time for the Spitfire. Since the last post, some aftermarket items arrived in the mail: - Eduard exterior PE set - HGW Sutton Harness I have precious little to show for this weekend's effort. Most of it relates to the laborious task of applying the PE. I'm currently grappling with the ignition wiring, fuel lines, etc. What I can say is the Merlin is painted Tamiya X-18 semi-gloss black and drybrushed with a gunze metallic. Rolls-Royce badges are courtesy of the Eduard PE set. Tim
  20. Excellent work Frank! It's got the 'wow' factor - you can see this from the first pic. Congrats! cheers, Tim
  21. Nice details on the photos, Erik. Excellent photos can make a good model great. It's well worth the investment! Is that a wartime scheme or..? Tim
  22. Good start Dave. I presume you'll paint the IP dials and switches? Or..? Tim
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